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“Why He Wants To Be Your Cuckold”

Your short user’s guide to cuckolding and hotwife fantasies for confused couples, horny husbands, and worried wives

He has intense fantasies about her sleeping with someone else…

She’s unsure about it… but a little intrigued, too…

What do you?

You’re not supposed to fuck other people when you’re married

But that isn’t stopping many open-minded couples today.

Instead of watching their marriages disintegrate… waiting for the inevitable affair… or living in quiet resentment…

These couples accept that monogamy may not be right for them — in the bedroom.


  • Why men are “biologically programmed” to feel arousal when their female partner cheats on them (even if he only suspects she’s been unfaithful)
  • The main reason that women hesitate to be hotwives (It’s not because she has a problem fucking another guy…)
  • Where men go wrong introducing the cuckold fantasy… and the mistake they make that can turn her off it forever.
  • The one thing that needs to happen between the two of you before you can even think of cuckolding (even if you both think it’s super-sexy)
  • 3 steps you can take to help your wife understand what you want

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