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What happens when cuckold husbands encourage their hotwives to be unfaithful?

“The wives in Bella’s Club discover decadent new pleasures with breathtaking bad boys… and their cuckolded partners have the BEST SEX of their marriage,” says this naughty erotica author

  • Why do so many men find deep erotic satisfaction from an “unfaithful” hotwife? (And the reason why so many wives are learning to say “Yes!” to kinky sex with exciting lovers…)
  • How to cuckold your husband with his permission… improve your sex life… and discover new sexual satisfactions you never believed possible (even if you haven’t wanted sex for years)
  • The weird fact hidden in books like Twilight and Fifty Shades that shows why even the most reluctant hotwife secretly desires sex with other men (even if she says “no way!” to her husband)
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“The dirty secret of sex: Female sexual desire doesn’t mix with monogamy”

Erotica Author Arabella Blaze

Author Arabella Blaze

Friday at 9:48pm

Dear curious cuckold & hesitant hotwife,

If you’re a married man who secretly dreams of cuckoldry with a cheating wife…

If you’re a “hotwife” married to a man who wants you to “cheat” on him…

You’re in the right place!

My name’s Arabella Blaze.

That’s the pen-name of a filthy-minded 30-something erotica author who loves to write…

Dirty stories about naughty hotwives and their cuckold husbands who can’t get enough of her “cheating ways”!

I surveyed almost 4,200 Americans about their sexual fantasies, and one of the questions I asked was, “Have you ever fantasized about watching your partner have sex with someone else?”

More than half of the heterosexual men in the study had this fantasy before, compared to 25 percent of heterosexual women. 

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Sexual Psychologist

Can you believe that?

At least half of straight men have fantasized about watching their partner with someone else.

Why is cuckolding such a turn-on for so many men (even if they can’t admit it in public)?

Why do so many men feel this desire?

And why are we so shy about it when the data’s clear that…

The male sex drive responds to promiscuous women with intense lust

But it’s not just the boys who get their kicks from a “slutty” partner.

Did you know: Cuckolding and “hotwife” kinks rank in the top 3 sexual fantasies for men

The facts don’t lie.

Men are drawn like a magnet to women who are sexually unfaithful.

Research into human sexuality shows us that the male body reacts with unbridled lust to images of women being sexual with two or more men.

The male threesome with two women? Doesn’t even rate.

Yes, he’s secretly getting turned on imagining you having sex with another man.

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You might think that women are “tame” sexually.

Ready for another surprise?

The research also tells us that…

The female sex drive turns into insatiable white hot lust when she gets attention from new and different men!

If men “get off” on female promiscuity, women feel the strongest sexual desire when men desire them.

Women are told that their sexuality is shameful…

A thing to hide away beneath guilt…

While oppressive norms of monogamy punish and shame anyone who gets out of line…

But the science of sex tells us that women almost need non-monogamous “fun” with other male partners if they want to have toe-curling sex.

Both sexes can experience deep sexual satisfaction from consensual female non-monogamy.

If that’s true, then why are men and women forced into sexual fidelity?

Why do we suffer when we know that…

Sexual monogamy kills sexual desire

We aren’t all built to be excited by one-man, one-woman partnerships.

Whether you call that a “cuckold relationship” (or “hotwifing”) where the woman leads…

Or a “stag and vixen” situation where the partners have a more equal role…

Men are turned on by “cheaters” and women are turned on by “cheating”.

Only it isn’t cheating at all when…

Both of them agree that her “playtime” is

That’s why many couples today are discovering increased sexual pleasure and deeper satisfaction in their marriages when they explore…

The forbidden pleasures of allowing HER to enjoy sex with other men while he remains loyal

Why should we feel awful about a sexual kink that men and women are biologically programmed to want?

Why should men be shamed for enjoying a primal reaction to their partner’s sexuality?

Should a woman feel guilty for getting the intense male attention that stokes the fires between her legs?

I don’t believe you should.

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Want Her to Cheat is my special private place… where we can get together and enjoy our special and dirty little secret…

Without judgment…

Without bullies…

Without feeling guilty about the amazing kink that brings us so much pleasure…

And we want you to come along.

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