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No need to feel guilty.

Lots of men want to watch their wives — or fiancees or girlfriends — get wild in the bedroom.

With other guys.

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Want Her To Cheat creates worlds where wives run wild & husbands say “more”…

My name is Arabella Blaze.

Call me Bella.

I want you to explore your taboo fantasies in safety and with the pleasure you deserve.

You could say I’m an “erotica author” if you want.

What I really do is create exciting hypnotic worlds for couples who want to deal with infidelity.

Female infidelity, to be precise.

Stress on the want to part.

It’s natural for women to be curious about sexual experiences with other guys…

… And it’s natural for men to become stupidly aroused when they even think about her getting some from another dude.

I write fiction and nonfiction about couples dealing with infidelity in positive, constructive, and sexually-satisfying ways.

No judgment. No man-hating “cuckold humiliation”. No shaming the ladies for a voracious libido.

Lots of fun, wholesome sexual exploration between two people who genuinely care about each other… and get off on breaking the rules.

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I did and I am.

Thanks to monogamous norms, America’s prudish puritan culture, and respectable businesses not wanting anything to do with the S-word, I have to keep all the X-rated stuff under lock and key.

Like in the old days when you had to buy Penthouse in a brown paper bag.

What lands in your inbox will be R-rated at worst.

Most days it is barely PG-13.

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It’s not strange to fantasize about your wife with other men.

It’ll make you feel weird if your friends find out.

But it’s not strange.

Something like half of all straight men have fantasized at least once about their female partners having sex with another guy. (That’s the ones that will admit it on a survey.)

Porn with one woman and two (or more) men is more popular than the other way around.

Men sure do love the f*ck out of cuckoldry for a kink that causes them so much angst and shame.

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Today, men and women may find themselves confronting and tempted by this hot new lifestyle choice.

But what are you supposed to do about it?

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I surveyed almost 4,200 Americans about their sexual fantasies, and one of the questions I asked was, “Have you ever fantasized about watching your partner have sex with someone else?”
More than half of the heterosexual men in the study had this fantasy before, compared to 25 percent of heterosexual women. 


Aren’t you supposed to be loyal when you’re in a relationship?

Yeah. For sure.

There’s a difference between the sex she has with other men when the couple agrees, together, that it is satisfying and so very hot

… and the sex she has because she’s a stone-cold cheater who uses men while never letting them touch her soul.

I only condone cheating when it’s done out of love and genuine care by each partner.

Then it’s not cheating, is it?

It’s non-monogamy. The insiders call it a “hotwife” or “cuckold” relationship.

My goal and ambition is to help couples navigate the weird ways of the hotwife and cuckold kinks.

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Reality smashes him in the face with an aluminum baseball bat after he cums.

Guys call it “post-nut clarity”.

I just let my girl fuck another guy.

Yeah. That’s why they’re fantasies. If they were real, they wouldn’t be a fantasy.

I’ll be real with you.

Jealousy, regret, and resentment are real things even if you find this kink sexually stimulating.

If you can’t handle that, don’t subscribe.

Let me repeat that.

If you cannot handle these dark emotions then DO NOT subscribe.

Instead of reading my dirty thoughts, go find a good psychiatrist or therapist or counselor and get your mind right.

Hotwife and cuckolding can be fun, exciting and satisfying for men and women.

It can also tear apart your relationship and turn into a weird, addicting, self-destructive obsession for many men.

I’m here to talk about the fun, happy, elevating stuff. If you need a therapist, you have my blessing but this is not the place for you.

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