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Your husband is a cuckold: A beginner’s introduction to the seductive world of wife-sharing, cuckolding, and the hotwife phenomenon

Hotwife in a red bikini

Ladies: has your boyfriend, fiance, or husband ever talked dirty to you about flirting with other men?

  • Has he teased you about getting sex from other guys?
  • Has he told you that he likes the thought of you being with another man?
  • Does he ask you about your sex life with old boyfriends?

If so, it might be that your husband is a cuckold.

In this article, we’re going to give you a quick introduction to what that means, what you can do about it… and why you might enjoy it more than you think.

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She didn’t want to do it… at first

She didn't want to do it... at first 4

She’s a good girl. She didn’t want to fool around outside your relationship.

Most women don’t, you know.

Affairs happen, happen a lot. We know.

But when she’s in love and when she respects you, they probably won’t.

She doesn’t WANT to cheat. Not even when YOU want her to do it

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When she’s getting ready for him

When she's getting ready for him 7

Getting ready for a date with a new somebody always has an edge of thrill and excitement

Even if you’re a kink civilian, there’s that “new guy” tingle.

And, yeah, you’re probably getting laid.

With cuckold/hotwife fantasies, it’s a sure thing. The fuck is the whole point.

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