She wants to be pregnant but you aren’t rough enough for her

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

There’s tender, passionate lovemaking, and then there’s raw fucking.

Each has a time and a place, yes.

But sometimes… your girl might want to be manhandled, rough and dirty.

And if she’s got a breeding kink, she might be even more turned on if you… or at least somebody… take her by force.

I’m not talking about violence here. I don’t even like to watch porn with super-rough fucking. But assertive men who take charge and direct the action, taking what they want… and, okay, using her like a slutty cock-sleeve while whispering dirty thoughts into her ear…

That might get her well and lubed.

A shocking number of women have these breeding kinks. Her instincts and hormones take over and she becomes wildly turned on at the thought of a man taking her, impregnating her with his sperm, and watching her tits and belly swell with the baby over the next nine months.

This comes up a lot in the cuckold world, and even the stag/vixen and hotwife set can get into it as a sub-kink.

This is because cuckolds and stags tend to be more on the submissive end of the spectrum. When paired with a hotwife that is also more “sub” than “Dom”, they’ve got a problem. They’re missing that element of dominance that they both need.

Bringing in an assertive alpha-male bull might be a stretch, if you’re thinking about all the silly stereotypes of the frat-boy bully. That isn’t necessary. What might help, though, is to look for a friendly, fun guy who can be that assertive partner in your bedroom.

Her desire to be bred, and his desire to be her cuckold, can match up perfectly if you find the right guy to take charge and fuck her good and nasty how she wants it.

Bend her over the table, pull up her skirt, and tell her that he’s going to fill her up and put a baby in her… grab her tits and tell her they’re going to swell with milk… how his seed is going to fertilize her womb and make her body swell with his child and there’s nothing hubby can do about it.

All in good fun, of course. If you do this right, hubby’s jerking himself off at the same time. It’s just as hot and arousing for him.

You don’t actually have to get pregnant. But some cuckold couples might find that getting her knocked up could be hot in its own way…

The idea isn’t to do it. The point is that the fantasy… what happens in your imagination… is powerful sorcery, which can make your “vanilla cuckold” experiences even more exciting if you use it wisely…

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