Impregnation fantasy for cuckold couples

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Pregnant wife in a red dress

Impregnation is the gold standard, genre-defining end point of the cuckold fantasy.

An impregnation fantasy isn’t an essential part of the cuckold fantasy. The men and women into the lifestyle aren’t always using it as part of their play. Still, like the element of tease and denial in all cuckold fantasies, the risk of pregnancy is always in the background. It’s the spice on the dish even when it’s not the main attraction.

You don’t just let your wife’s lover have her body. You let him plant his seed in her fertile womb and take the risk that she’ll bear his child.

Did reading that get the heat up in your blood? You might be a cuckold.

Here’s why.

Is there a reason for the impregnation fantasy?

Mother Nature wants you to conceive children.

How does that happen?

Simple: It happens when we fuck.

You get people to fuck by making them horny as sin for each other’s bodies.

But that’s not all. Human sexuality has an extra angle to it. Attraction depends on a lot of signals, for men and for women.

Consider this:

  • We know from science that the female libido is tied to attention from men. Her desire comes from being desired.
  • While men are known to be more visual and physical, there’s evidence that they’re also physically aroused by the prospect of their women cheating. It’s called ‘sperm competition‘.
  • It stands to reason that men and women are both primed to take major pleasure in the act of cheating.

What signals cheating more than raw, unprotected sex where the male empties his load inside the female’s fertile pussy?

It’s exciting for both of you.

  • She gets the thrill of being ‘filled up’, which is the climax (pun intended) of cheating on her partner — which, already forbidden, is thrilling to the female sex drive.
  • He gets the thrill of knowing that his partner was taken and inseminated by a rival male — which will evoke the usual feelings of jealousy, but also the strong desire that cucks feel for their wives after the act.

As strange as it is, the eroticism shows up in great memes like this:

Impregnation fantasy for cuckolds & hotwives

That says it all. You get the best of cuckolding’s submission and masochism themes, with pussy denial on top of it.

Breeding fantasies make a sexual fetish out of impregnation and pregnancy

All of this explains why women want to get pregnant, to the point of dreaming about getting creampies during sex.

It’s why men with cuckold fantasies go wild for this whole thing. There’s no more literal cuckold than the man who raises a rival’s child.

You might be surprised at how many women get seriously hot at the thought of a guy blowing his load in her and making her pregnant.

Have a look at Reddit’s r/Breeding and r/knockmeup sections to see all the stories of randy women who can’t wait to get knocked up.

These ladies are hot for everything from the act of internal ejaculation to the feeling of his sperm leaking out from inside her pussy.

An impregnation fetish signals that she’s ready to get pregnant

Which means she’s available for sex.

Nothing catches male sexual interest like a woman showing availability for sex.

You don’t have to guess.

She wants a cock inside her, and she wants the sperm in her body. It’s the creampie fetish turned up to max.

In the cuckold’s mind this might as well be pure cocaine.

Cuckolds love it when their wives get creampied by another man.

What if we want to do it?

We’re putting a giant disclaimer on this one (if it wasn’t clear already).

Disclaimer: There’s fantasy, and then there’s fantasy. Bringing a child into the world is no joke and should not be part of anyone’s sexual fetish. We’ll do a little moral preening for this one.

With that said…

The impregnation fantasy is a slightly different kink from the cuckold pregnancy fantasy.

In that case, the man’s turned on by explicit thoughts of his wife creampied and made pregnant by another guy — usually an Alpha type with a bigger cock who pleases his wife thoroughly, in a way his small cuck dick can’t.

The impregnation fantasy isn’t about actually getting pregnant

It’s about a rival man having unprotected, risky sex with the woman and finishing inside her.

The act of the cuckold creampie is more important than conception.

Which means there’s a lot of ways to do this without crossing ethical lines.

The Pill is a must for hotwives and cuckoldress wives. Using birth control in any situation where you’re likely to get pregnant is a good idea. If you’re going to let different men cum inside your pussy, cuckolding or otherwise, make sure this is covered.

Have unprotected sex with your bull. Make hubby wear a condom. Even if you’re using BC, requiring husband to wear a rubber while the bull(s) go bareback is so so so arousing for many cuckold couples.

Even if your hotwife is on birth control, the fact that she’s allowing another man unprotected access to her body while denying it to her cuckold husband can put many a cuckold in his happy place.

Impregnation fantasy for cuckold couples 1
If you really want to turn up the heat, tell cuck “no pussy”.

Hard mode: Ban your cuckold husband from PIV sex. Put him on handjobs and oral (for you) only. Take it to the next level and put his cock in a cage. Make sure that your bull(s) are filling you up — and see to it that cuck gets all the evidence he needs.

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