Should another man finish inside your wife?

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Come inside!

The creampie, one of the great debates in the cuckolding world.

Should your wife’s bull cum inside her?

We brought this up in a super-hot post a couple of weeks ago.

There’s no denying that it’s one of the sexier, sluttier, and most arousing parts of this weird fantasy of ours.

Bareback sex puts an edge of excitement on top of an already thrilling taboo.

You’re not just sharing her body, her most intimate parts, with another man.

The creampie takes off all the gloves (and jimmy hats).

He’s not just pounding your girl casually anymore. He’s completing the act inside her most precious and private pleasure regions.

Leaving a part of himself inside her life-giving organs. She’s going to walk around with his sperm inside her body.

If your dick got hard or pussy got wet while reading that, this might be a kink for you.

Should you do it? Is it a good idea, if you’ve already made the big leap to female non-monogamy?

Maybe. Let’s see why you should go for the cuckold creampie, and why you shouldn’t.

Why he should finish inside your wife

If they’re having sex, they’re having sex. No method of STI prevention or birth control is 100% foolproof.

You’ve already crossed that path when you decided to let a third party penis into her love canal.

You do have to keep in mind the difference between a casual hookup and a longer-term arrangement. As sexy as it might sound in your imagination, encouraging your girl to let a stranger you met at the club nut inside her isn’t very smart.

Most women wouldn’t be down for that anyway, even if she gets all lubed up roleplaying it with you. It’s her body and she’s the one taking the risks.

We have to keep some sanity here, no matter what gets the engine revving during pillow talk.

If you’re in a long-term dating arrangement with a partner you can trust, that’s different.

In that case, you have a little more security.

Birth control should be a no-brainer. Cuckold pregnancy fantasies can be an arousing part of this fetish. Around here, we feel it goes without saying that you don’t bring kids into your weird sex fetishes. Use birth control and leave the breeding kink for fantasy land.

If that’s all covered, though, well, why not?

Letting another man inseminate your woman is the ultimate sin and for that reason, the ultimate aphrodisiac.

All cuckolding involves teasing the cuckold husband and denying him access to sex.

Nothing shifts a man’s sperm competition machine into high gear like the actual presence of another man’s semen inside his woman’s pussy.

The “cleanup” event after her date can be one of the most erotic, exciting, and intimate parts of a cuckold couple’s sex life.

That said, there’s plenty of good reasons to keep the creampie in-house even if you’re opening up the bedroom.

Why creampies should stay monogamous

We already mentioned the biggest problems.

Allowing another man to leave his seed inside your wife may be an erotic thrill, but no matter how hot it gets you, you’re both gambling with pregnancy and STDs.

We have protection for a reason, so that we can separate sex from childbearing. Once you erase those lines, you’re dabbling around in powers that may as well be demonic.

What will you do if she gets pregnant?

What’s your plan if she catches something?

If you’re not worried about those things for whatever reason, what happens if they get to a level of intimacy one of your, or both of you, aren’t comfortable with?

Cumming inside a woman is a moment of vulnerability for both the man and the woman.

A man’s orgasm is one of the most intense physical and emotional moments of his life. He’s going to feel intense feelings towards the woman receiving his load.

Since porn isn’t real, women rarely climax with their male partners. But that doesn’t mean she can’t feel him throbbing inside her and filling her up.

She’s receiving his cum and his sperm into her body, which is just as erotic, vulnerable and emotional for her.

Cuckold men, if your wife is doing this on the regular with another man, you can expect there to be real feelings developing there.

Is that something you’re willing to risk for-real, outside of kinky bedroom fantasy talk?

Some men are, because it’s the humiliation and self-destruction part of the fantasy that ropes them in.

If that’s you, we wish you the best and hope you’ll find peace, but mostly we wish you’d find help.

We’re into the unbelievable erotic and sexual thrills of cuckold sex, not man-destroying loathing.

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To creampie or pull out? The choice is up to you

We aren’t in the business of telling you what to do. At WHTC we’re simple hard-working erotica authors who like to think about a dirty kinky side of sex.

And we know that a lot of the fantasy talk is only a feast for lusty gluttonous minds, which we’re happy to provide.

But we also know a lot of men get obsessed with this fantasy, that they take it well beyond dirty talk in the bedroom, that they actually want their girlfriends and wives to do it.

For some of them it is about the sex, with little concern for the female perspective. She might want to play along with your quirks, but don’t expect her to have the same expectations. Remember, she’s taking risks you aren’t.

Sure, the cuckold creampie is super-hot, but keep some perspective, cuck.

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