Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her

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Cuckold Pregnancy

Why would a happily married, loving, committed couple get excited at the thought of their female half getting knocked up by another man?

If you’ve read around here, you won’t be surprised that cuckold pregnancy fantasies are common. Pregnancy and cuckoldry go together like April showers and May flowers.

Not only that, but the women out there with their own ‘breeding’ fantasies seem to get their own special kick out of this one.

Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her 1

This version of the cuckold kink digs right down into the deepest emotional hot-buttons in our sexual relationships. But there’s some questions, which we’ll try to answer in this article.

  • Are you still in a relationship with your wife if another guy put a baby in her womb?
  • Are you willing to have another guy’s kid for your sexual kink?
  • What the cuckold’s creampie fantasy has to do with the impregnation fantasy

How can you have a relationship if she’s pregnant by another mans seed?

Cuckolding is a confusing fetish for civilians. Isn’t his wife just cheating on him?

It’s hard to answer this if you don’t have the desire for yourself. Cuckolds do have the usual range of romantic and emotional feelings for their wives. But, in an ironic twist, cuckold husbands also receive intense pleasure from the violation of those feelings.

He loves his wife and wants her to be loyal to him… and he wants her to cheat on him sexually, in many cases emotionally, and — for many men — with the intent of humiliating him.

Getting pregnant by another man is part of the torture and the excitement for the cuck. It’s a logical development of his desire to give her away and to be emasculated.

And few things can compete with carrying another man’s baby if you’re into cheating and emasculation fantasies.

You can see why a cuckold husband would get excited.

Having the baby isn’t really part of the fantasy

The fantasy doesn’t reach that far ahead. Like a good horror movie the tension is all in the build-up.

Watching her belly grow and her tits swell. The pregnant-woman glow. Her intense libido from all the hormones.

The fantasy isn’t about the kid at all. For the cuck, it’s about his wife’s fertility and her sexuality. It’s the same eroticism of cuckoldry, knowing that she’s had sex with another man and seeing the proof.

Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her 2

Which is why couples with this fantasy aren’t really looking to get knocked up. They aren’t really trying to conceive a child outside of their marriage. They’re playing a game — a very hot, very sexy game — for their own purposes. It may or may not involve real cuckolding, either. Role play can get the job done just fine.

There are women out there with an impregnation, or ‘breeding’, fantasy. These ladies are seriously turned on at the thought of a man leaving his seed inside them, impregnating them and fucking a baby into their fertile wombs. (NSFW)

Cuckolding combined with this breeding fantasy can be powerful for both the hotwife and the cuckold.

The act of another man impregnating a happily married woman does the erotic work

It goes without saying that she’s got to be getting it on bareback with her bull(s) if you’re expecting her to get knocked up. The creampie is an essential part of the cuckold pregnancy experience. It’s the moment when male and female unite to conceive the child. That’s a powerful part of human sexuality.

Knowing that his wife has given her body to another man for this purpose can be a strong aphrodisiac for the cuckold husband. She isn’t just having sex for recreation anymore. She’s offering her womb to this other man, letting that man leave his sperm in her body and carry his child.

Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her 3

It also means that hubby has to use his own birth control methods. Maybe he’s forced to wear a condom while the lucky stud goes in raw. Some couples could take it outercourse only by banning husband from any penetration while she’s trying to conceive with her boyfriend.

That’s the one-two whammy of the cuckold pregnancy fantasy. Husband gets to enjoy his fetish for a creampied hotwife AND his own desire to be dominated. Cuckold men with a fetish for denial will love this one.

What if you want to experiment with cuckold pregnancy?

Honestly, don’t. Seriously, don’t. The fantasy is only hot in your mind. If you really do it, you’re asking for all kinds of emotional and social punishment.

We all know that what the cuckold “wants” and what he actually wants are two different things. He wants her to cheat but not “really”. It’s fantasy on top of fantasy here in cuck-land.

In reality a woman who got knocked up by another man would be that man’s wife. Why would she stay with the cuckold? We’ve all heard the stories about rogueish ‘alpha males’ cuckolding the stable ‘beta earner’. There’s a little truth there, but for the most part, if she’s gone outside of the marriage to get pregnant, there’s real emotional and relationship problems.

Role playing a cuckold pregnancy can be ultra-sexy if you’re into these kinds of kinks, though.

Cucks, bring it up to her during your play. Tell her how hot it would be if she had sex with another man, without protection, and got pregnant from his sperm.

Hotwives, if you’ve got a breeding fetish of your own, tell your man that he’s not allowed to cum in you, or even penetrate you. Even if you’re not sexually active with another man, a creampie ban and pussy denial can drive your cuck husband wild. Tell him that it’s so your lover can be the one to knock you up.

Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her 4

If you’re already having a child together, go along with it while you’re pregnant. There are few things sexier for a cuckold man than fucking your very-pregnant wife while she’s talking dirty about the big cock that claimed her pussy and fucked a baby into her.

If you’re a cuck with a breeding fetish… or you’re a lady who’s dripping wet at the idea of a big-dicked stud knocking you up while hubby goes without… you can get more sultry tales of debauchery when you can apply to join our exclusive members-only email newsletter.

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  1. No, a wife pregnant from a bull does NOT automatically belong to that bull. The reality is that the couple is still married and plan to remain so. Fatherhood is much more than just being a sperm donor. I have been married 30 years. One son is from a ‘donor’ and one is from me. This my family, we are happy. Yes, it requires commitment. You can do if that is your choice. We did, others have also.

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