Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night

Cuckold Wedding Vows

There’s an old myth about the jus primae noctis, the “right of the first night”, where the local nobleman had first dibs to deflower a virginal bride before her groom could consummate the marriage.

Knowing that your new wife is fucking another man on your wedding night before you ever get the chance to penetrate her is shocking and scandalous.

A cuckold’s dream come true.

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His wife did porn (and he’s surprisingly okay with it)

Girl in red panties

A regular civilian guy would be super-jealous if his wife did porn, or even thought about it. Not around here.

What if your wife did porn? Even if she wasn’t working “in the industry”, most men would be pretty mad, jealous, and ready to call the divorce lawyer.

Not here in Stag-world. Having a girlfriend or wife who does porn is like hitting the jackpot for cuckold husbands.

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Cuckold, Hotwife, Stag, and Swinger: What’s the difference?

Want Her to Cheat

We might use the term “cuckold” to talk about any non-monogamous woman in a relationship with a man who stays sexually faithful to her.

It’s convenient to have one word to cover the whole fetish. But in fact, these fantasies exist with a wide range of different flavors.

It might help you (or your hesitant partner) to understand some of the varieties of cuckold or hotwife fantasies out there.

Let’s see how to understand your “cuckold” fantasy by telling it apart from a hotwife, a stag (or ‘alpha-cuck’), and a swinger.

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Cuckold pregnancy: Why some cuckolds and cuckold wives fantasize about breeding her

Cuckold Pregnancy

Why would a happily married, loving, committed couple get excited at the thought of their female half getting knocked up by another man?

If you’ve read around here, you won’t be surprised that cuckold pregnancy fantasies are common. Pregnancy and cuckoldry go together like April showers and May flowers.

Not only that, but the women out there with their own ‘breeding’ fantasies seem to get their own special kick out of this one.

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Is cuckolding only for older married couples? Hotwives & cuckolding play in college

Is cuckolding only for older married couples? Hotwives & cuckolding play in college 2

Lots of cuckolds are men in their 40s and up who have been married for a long time, with their hotwives and cuckoldresses also skewing towards middle age.

At least that’s the impression you’ll get if you read around hotwife and cuckolding groups online. (It may also be true at your local swinger’s club.)

What about younger couples? Is cuckolding for you if you’re 19 or 23?

Is it weird to have a cuckold fantasy or a desire to be a hotwife when you’re young?

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