You know that guy you hate, we had sex last night

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Imagine how open, honest… and, yes, loving… your relationship would have to be for your beloved wife to tell you such a thing.

If a civilian found his or her way to my sticky web of consensual cuckoldry, they’d laugh, cry, or try in vain to ‘troll’ (while hiding their own desire to be a cuck, ironically…)

But not you. You’re into this. And you understand that a revelation of infidelity that brazen couldn’t be any old ordinary affair.

What would be a deal breaker in most any “average” monogamous relationship…

A secret that she’d hide from her husband, on pain of fights, emotional meltdowns, divorce, or worse…

…becomes a fantasy for the both of you. A fantasy of erotic pleasures like none other.

Think about it. A woman that comes out and casually tells her man this isn’t having a secret affair.

She’s out in the open. Filling him in on the facts. That guy you hate? Yeah, fucked him last night.

Hot! 🔥🔥🔥

She’s telling him this because it’s part of their game. Their love life. Their sex life.

A couple that is honest and open with each other, so much that she can admit unfaithfulness without consequence… and for his intense sexual satisfaction… is on another level of connection.

They have an intimacy that few monogamous couples will ever know.

She doesn’t have to lie or deceive her husband or run around behind his back. She’s allowed.

She’s encouraged.

Her cuck may play hurt… but he’s into it. He loves it when she takes charge of her sexuality and her pleasure and uses that to play with his emotions.

She “cheated” on him… but it was a move allowed in the rules of their game.

Isn’t it funny that the cheaters have a closer connection than the monogamous couple that lives in jealousy, doubt, fear, and even paranoia about their romantic partner?

Food for thought…

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