You know that guy you hate, we had sex last night

Imagine how open, honest… and, yes, loving… your relationship would have to be for your beloved wife to tell you such a thing.

If a civilian found his or her way to my sticky web of consensual cuckoldry, they’d laugh, cry, or try in vain to ‘troll’ (while hiding their own desire to be a cuck, ironically…)

But not you. You’re into this. And you understand that a revelation of infidelity that brazen couldn’t be any old ordinary affair.

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Your shy slut girlfriend

Your shy slut girlfriend 2

About the only thing sexier than a “hot past” is a hot right now.

But you men dreaming of a cuckold relationship, you don’t know how to get there, do you?

So you settle for what she’s already done with ex-boyfriends and other “hookups” before you met.

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