Cuckold husbands want an aggressive hotwife

Cuckold husbands want an aggressive hotwife 2

It makes sense if you think about it. He’s into this fantasy because he wants her to “act like a slut”.

A lot of women aren’t into that. They don’t want to be known as a “bad girl”.

But some ladies do have a naughty side, and a lot more will let it out behind closed doors.

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I guess I could do that, if you really want me to

I guess I could do that, if you really want me to 4

It started after she told me about the guy who hit on her at the bar while she was out with her friends that night.

She brought it up to tease me.

We joked around about it, at first. I would tease her about her “new boyfriend” and she’d give me a play-slap on the arm.

“Oh my god I am not like that! You are so dirty.”

She had no idea.

We went on like that for a few weeks before I told her.

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She’s covering your trip at sea

She's covering your trip at sea 5

Your girlfriend has a kinky exhibitionist streak and it got you a free trip on the captain’s boat.

You love having a sexual woman in your life. But you knew the price of that once you figured out that her clothes came flying off at any opportunity.

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Baby it’s just a modeling job, there’s nothing to worry about

Baby it's just a modeling job, there's nothing to worry about 8

They offered your wife a job as a model. And you needed the money, so it wasn’t like you could turn it down.

You didn’t mind much. You don’t think of yourself as the jealous type.

It’s flattering that your girl is sexy enough to be a model.

Yeah, the clothes are a little revealing. But what’s the difference in a racy shoot and modeling a bikini? Those girls in the lingerie catalog aren’t doing anything bad.

It wasn’t until a week into the job that you found out the truth.

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