No second thoughts once she’s committed to cucking you

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“I’m going to his place tonight. I’ll text you.”

She’s talking about the texts the two of them agreed she’d send.

Out on her date.

He’s having second thoughts now.

My woman’s going on a date. They’re going to fuck. My girlfriend, taking another man’s dick.

What’s he going to do, tell her no?

He spent months building her up to this. Breaking down her resistance. Challenging every belief she had about monogamy. Talking to her about it while he ate her pussy.

Finally she warmed up. Got into your thing. Decided that yes, she really does want to try it.

Super hot. They had a lot of wall-shaking, bed-squeaking sex after that.

Then came time to meet the guy.

She showed him the texts. She sent him nudes. They spent a lot of time talking about all the dirty things he wanted to do to her. Which she, naturally, wanted back.

He started to wonder if he’d made a mistake. What if she likes him more than me?

The days went by and the worm of doubt burrowed into his mind.

The more excited she got, the more he wanted to back out.

“Look at the outfit I’m going to wear,” she said. It was Tuesday, the week of.

She was in hip-hugger jeans with a low waist, the ones that make her ass and waist as welcoming as a party invitation. She had on that blue top, the dark one that shows off her boobs.

“What do you think of this?”

She slips off the top. Unbuttons the jeans, slides them down her legs. She’s wearing blood red lingerie, a matching bra and lace panties you can almost see through.

A set he bought her for Valentine’s Day one year. She’s never worn it for him.

His heart thumps with fear and regret but he doesn’t say anything. His dick’s hard. She looks great. Almost naked in slutty lingerie he bought her. She’s going to fuck another guy with that on.

“I’ll try to be home by midnight,” she says. Same outfit. Denim jacket over the blue top. She’s ready. She leaves him with a kiss on the lips. Her perfume lingers in his nose.

Then she’s out the door. Off to get laid. He’s never seen her this excited.

He sits on the couch with a beer and tries to keep his hand out of his pants. Every 30 seconds he glances at the phone, waiting for that buzz of a new text message.

It’s going to be a long night.

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