The latina with the thicc ass got turned into a hotwife in front of her husband

man and woman lying on bed

Warning: 18+ only. Very sexy NSFW content!

An old friend of mine wrote in to tell me about this story. I don’t know if it’s true or not. You make your own decision. – Larry

Ana Maria didn’t used to be a slut did she? You had to make her that way, didn’t you, cuck?

With a body like that you didn’t have a choice, did you? With a body like that she deserves to be fucked good. You deserve to watch a body like that, don’t you cucky?

Here’s how it went down:

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That knockout Indian girl on the train had a cuck boyfriend

That knockout Indian girl on the train had a cuck boyfriend 3

I could barely see her face under her long black hair and I already wanted to taste her pussy.

Dark green dress barely covering up her panties. Was she even wearing panties? Who cares. I bet she’s got a trim landing strip down there. My tongue ran up and down it on the way to more interesting parts.

Low-top white slip-on shoes. Longest caramel mocha legs you’ve ever seen in your life.

Tits about to roll out of that low-cut v-neck on the dark green dress.

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A bull confesses, “I love a full hairy bush on the hotwives I have sex with”

Want Her to Cheat

“I’m a bush guy. I don’t care who knows it.”

Larry X, stag husband & part-time bull

For decades porn and social norms told us to expect women to be smooth, shaved and trimmed “down there”.

Now that the bush is making a come back, many men are finding that they prefer the natural look.

This dominant bull does one better.

He requires his hotwife to grow and keep a luxurious bush.

Even if her husband prefers her to shave.

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My hotwife has a hairy bush and I love it

Hairy Bush Hotwives

She hasn’t shaved her pussy for almost a month. I don’t care. I told her to grow it out. I wouldn’t tell her to grow out a bush if I didn’t want her to sport bush.

She’s self conscious about it. She says it’s a thing about going to the beach. When a straggler or ten hang out the side of the bikini. When she takes her pants off for a new guy. What are they going to think?

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Your chubby tatted-up girlfriend in the porn movie

Your chubby tatted-up girlfriend in the porn movie 4

You see him throw her on her back down on the bed. That bitch with her bitch tattoos and that tight firm ass and her tight-ass chubby body that gets your dick hard. That’s your girlfriend rolling around butt-naked with a big-dick porn guy she didn’t know before today. That bitch.

That bitch with her shaved pussy trimmed just how you like it with the triangle. Not bare the way most of the porn girls do it. No way. She likes bush. Tamed bush. You like bush too since it makes her delectable pink tight pussy look even more delectable. Buffet style.

An apt metaphor since your girl is a porn girl.

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