“My best friend thinks your cuck fantasy is hot”

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s easy to be shy about your cuckold kink, isn’t it?

Not the kind of thing you want getting out.

But maybe… if your wife’s friend found out, would it be so bad?

Not if her friends are prudes, you understand. Jealous, resentful, envious “friends” aren’t going to be much help in anything.

I’m talking about friends with an open mind. Maybe into kink, but they don’t have to be. A good girlfriend with a playful spirit and open mind might be your best friend too, cuck.

If you think it’s hard to get your wife to open up the way you’d like, your friend might be the “bad influence” you need.

Does your wife know any slutty girls? Any women with risque desires and lifestyles? If so, it’s much more likely she’ll be receptive to your ideas.

Who we hang around is who we become. If your tell her you want to share her with another guy and NOBODY in your world would ever think about that as anything but “gross”, good luck. You’ll need it.

Now imagine that your wife is friends with a woman who likes to “go out dancing”. And your wife knows that this married friend often flirts… and more… with other guys when she’s out.

This friend tells your wife all about the “arrangement” she has with her husband.

This helps you out in several ways.

One, it’s an icebreaker. Your wife might even bring it up to you. “Can you believe what Sarah does when she goes out without Terry?” Why yes, honey, I sure can… would you like to try it?

Two, it helps normalize cuckolding in her mind. If her friend can have a happy hotwife marriage, then maybe it’s not so weird after all. People that she knows and relates to are already into it, so maybe it’s not so crazy?

Three, it gives you moral support. If it’s just you “against” her, trying to sell her on something she doesn’t know about or understand, you’re chasing water up the hill. If her friend is into it already… or even thinks that it’s a super-hot idea… you’ve got the momentum on your side.

“Oh wow, that’s so hot! I wish I had a man who was into that!” — The “really?” response from your hesitant wife can change her whole world.

Whatever else your wife might think, if she has a friend who thinks about hotwifing like this, with a positive attitude, as a desirable fantasy, she’s going to give the idea a lot more time.

There’s a time to be reserved and guarded about your privacy. There’s also times when it can be to your advantage to open up to those around you, if they might help your fantasy along.

Be careful who you trust… but be open to possible allies.

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