The dirty girlfriend that you’d never expect

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Part of the fun is having a naughty secret that you share between the two of you.

It’s one thing to date a woman that everybody knows has a promiscuous side.

It’s on a new level when you discover that your “good girl” has a hidden kinky side…

If men had a common fantasy, this might be it… that “perfect unicorn” girl who lives an innocent, wholesome life in public…

… and turns into an insatiable slut with depraved appetites in the bedroom.

It adds a layer to the experience when you realize that the shy librarian, the wholesome schoolteacher, the competent nurse, or the mild-mannered accountant in your life are really total whores for big cocks.

It gives you a shimmer of feel-good excitement just to think about, doesn’t it?

Men want that innocent girl who can release her inner bad-girl.

Which is why it’s a shame that so many nice girls lock that slut away in a dusty closet.

A lot of men want her to come out and play.

You can’t do a lot to help out someone who doesn’t want to be helped. For whatever reasons, a lot of women who might have these desires keep them locked up… and throw away the key.

Some girls, though… they’re just waiting for the right moment. The right guy, the right situation, the right feeling.

If she’s got a slut that wants to come out, encourage that bitch. Tell her it’s okay. Show her it’s okay. Tease her and lead her along. Give her space and permission and let that thirsty whore have free run of the place.

It’s all said with love, you know. A woman’s free, open, liberated libido is one of the sexiest and most attractive parts about her. It comes through in her confidence and her poise.

If you’re a man with a “bad good girl”, consider yourself lucky.

If you’re a wannabe cuck who wishes his nice girl would let the bad girl out once in awhile, remember:

You don’t get ahead by pestering and pressuring.

You get through to her with patient persistence. Allowing, enabling, and facilitating the naughty slut inside her. Almost every woman has one. The question is how deep she’s buried and how easy it will be to let her out.

Either way, it all starts with trust, honesty, and open communication about your desires…

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