It wasn’t her new husband that walked into the honeymoon suite

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Right after your wedding, you’re supposed to have a lot of sex as new husband and wife.

Cuckold husbands want their new brides to get a lot of that sex from another guy.

Is there any sluttier and sexier time to let another guy ravage her than right after you say “I do”?

The “cuckold honeymoon” is one of those transgressions that breaks all the rules of the monogamous normal.

Listen up. We live in the new normal now.

If you can accept that everywhere else, then you can accept it in the bridal suite.

You know this is super kinky…

Let a man of your (her) choice be the first to consummate your marriage.


Take her back to your room and let another man fuck her in your bed.

If you’re willing and able, let him cum in her freshly-married pussy. Still in the wedding dress.

Does that excite you? If the sheer naughtiness of it gets your fires going… good.

We’ve already got plenty of naughty brides who “accidentally” have sex with different men weeks or days… or even the night before… the wedding.

It’s filthy, debauched, and every so sexy when a woman acts out her sluttiness before pledging herself to her husband.

And it’s no different right after they’ve made their vows.

The first time he goes inside her as his wife, she’s freshly used by another man.

It’s like the old droit de seigneur story, where the local nobleman would have his way with the blushing bride — often deflowering her — before the husband could seal the deal.

It’s so wrong… and if you’re doing it as a happy, playful, adventurous couple, it’s the sexiest thing you can do for each other.

Be dirty. Enjoy your dirtiness. Embrace the kink. Let another guy fuck your new wife before you do.

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