Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night

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Cuckold Wedding Vows

There’s an old myth about the jus primae noctis, the “right of the first night”, where the local nobleman had first dibs to deflower a virginal bride before her groom could consummate the marriage.

Knowing that your new wife is fucking another man on your wedding night before you ever get the chance to penetrate her is shocking and scandalous.

A cuckold’s dream come true.

In French, the expression is droit de seigneur.

Many historians doubt this ever happened.

But for many couples today, from hotwives who love to cheat to cuckolds who lust for another man to be inside her, it’s a real fantasy.

As in, literally inviting a man back to their honeymoon suite to ravage the new bride before her husband has his turn.

Can you have a ‘cuckold wedding’?

Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night 1

Are you turned on by the idea of getting sloppy seconds from your new bride on your wedding night?

Do the two of you have a guy that you’d love to get “first dibs” on the newly-married pussy before the new husband consummates the marriage?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

  • What’s so sexy about a cuckold wedding?
  • Why sloppy seconds are such a turn on for cuckold grooms and hotwife brides
  • How you can have your own cuckold wedding night

What’s so sexy about a cuckold wedding?

The essence of the cuckolding fantasy is sharing your female partner sexually with another man (or men).

Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night 2

This involves a range of powerful feelings. Cucks feel a combination of anger, doubt, and jealousy mixed up with the most intense sexual arousal they’ll ever experience.

When you get down to it, the cuckold’s desire to go last (or not at all, if you go for full chastity denial) on his own wedding night brings that fetish to a logical conclusion.

If you’re going to share your wife, then share her at the beginning. Let another man get a taste of the peach before you, her new husband, get to squeeze it. All the emotions that make cuckolding so sexual burn like a white-hot flame.

Knowing that another man got in there first is more exciting than being first in. Right, cuck?

Why sloppy seconds are such a turn-on to cuckold husbands and new hotwife brides

Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night 3

Today’s couples are getting married later and, sadly, splitting up sooner.

The sad truth is that monogamy is boring. Men are always on the prowl, but now we’re learning that the old myth of female monogamy isn’t true either.

Your bride to be might have a healthy sex drive right now. But you can bet that it won’t last. She needs attention from men to feel sexual arousal.

Add in a dash of sperm competition, ramping up a kinky-ass husband’s desire to watch his new bride get railed by a big dick, and you’ve got a perfect recipe:

Watch her get laid in the bridal suite, and then take your turn after she’s been fucked good.

This triggers all the groom’s sexual chemistry, leaving him powerless with lust for his new bride.

How to have a cuckold wedding

Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night 4

How do you set this up?

If you’re planning to invite your prospective wedding-night bull to the reception, you might want to skip that unless you’ve got a good cover story. “Oh, he’s a friend from work” is as good as anything.

You’ll find stories of hardcore couples who make a big deal out of this to friends and family. We think that’s a little bit out there, but hey, if you’ve got that kind of life going on, be good at it.

We don’t want you to think it’s got to be public like that. Even though it would be dirty as hell to let the bull creampie the bride to be. You’d like her to walk down the aisle in her white dress with another man’s semen leaking from her, wouldn’t you?

Speaking of creampies, for full effect you’ll want this to happen. It’s just not the same if her lover pulls out or wears a condom.

When the new husband dives in there for their first time as a married couple, he should compete with another guy’s sperm.

If you’re real kinky about this shit, you might even agree to make hubby stay chaste. That’s right, let the new bride take a load or two from a lover while husband has to wait before he can fully consummate the marriage.

He can get by with a handjob instead.

Use your imagination here. Make husband sleep in an adjoining room.

Tease him about getting pregnant by another guy on his own honeymoon.

What if you’re actually a virgin like that delicious specimen in our meme? We do not recommend you try a cuckold fantasy if you’re really virgins… but dammit, it’s so hot to think about isn’t it?

Hell, you might as well do that too if you’re dead set on wedding night cuckoldry.

The whole point of having a cuckold wedding is to break the taboos about female infidelity. You both get off on this, right?

If you’re going this far with the fantasy, then do it right, we say.

What’s next?

Primae noctis: Why he wanted sloppy seconds on his wedding night 5

Marriage is supposed to be the most intimate moment of your relationship, when you affirm your bond to one another.

You can still do that while your new wife is getting banged out by another guy.

If sharing her pussy gets both of you off, a deep part of your sexual satisfaction as a couple, then you’d be remiss NOT to do it!

The last thing you want is remorse as you head into a new marriage.

It might be as simple as her wanting to try it with another guy before you “lock it up” til death do you part.

We have to stress that this–like cuckold pregnancy–is NOT something we actually recommend. But we know it’s hot, and we know some of you will do this no matter what.

There are ways you can role-play if it you can’t or don’t want to take the ample risks involved in a wedding night wife-sharing situation.

But we all know that it doesn’t get any kinkier than letting her take it from another guy on your special day…

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