How the ‘Queenbee phenomenon’ can make your cuckold fantasy attractive to the most hesitant hotwife

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Many women have no interest in cuckolding, or even find it repulsive. What if you had a way to communicate your cuckold kink in a way that she would not only understand but want to try for herself?

What if there were such a thing?

Cuck, you’re in luck: It’s called the Queenbee phenomenon.

Your wife may not be interested in cuckolding. But odds are her sex drive is like a kettle ready to boil over when she so much as imagines getting attention from attractive men.

In this article I’m going to break down the psychology behind this and show you how to use it in your hotwife/cuckolding exploits.

First, let’s see what your problem is.

Women don’t get your cuckold fantasy. Your wife probably finds it a confusing message, she might find it repulsive and insulting, and she’ll be suspicious of your motivations.

Even if she accepts it, good luck getting her to even fantasize, much take more active steps to explore it.

Fortunately, would-be cuckold husbands aren’t powerless.

The problem isn’t about your fantasy at all.

Your problem, frustrated cuckold, is how to communicate it to her…

In a way that she can understand…

Which lets her see that she should want it for herself.

What if you could tell her about your cuckolding fantasies and watch her perk up with interest?

What if you told her what you wanted and she boiled over with excitement at the idea?

We’ve got a tool that can help you create more powerful messages that will do just that.

In this article we’ll tell you…

  • Why the “Queenbee phenomenon” make her feel aroused by other men
  • Why men find sexual infidelity as arousing as women… though for different reasons
  • How men can use the Queenbee effect to communicate in HER language

What is the Queenbee phenomenon?

Let’s talk about the Queenbee effect.

What it means: Your wife, like all women, responds to male attention.

If she’s getting erotic attention from more than one man, she’s going to like it.

In Insatiable Wives, I described the “Queenbee phenomenon,” and the powerful feelings of attractiveness, self-worth and confidence that some women get, from being desired by multiple men.

David J. Ley

According to research into female sex drive, she might like it a whole lot.

And this is true even if she doesn’t consciously realize she likes it.

But there’s a downside.

That same effect means she’s also extra-sensitive to what other women think about her.

And in our culture of monogamy, there’s a lot of pressure not to be a whore.

If you’re a cuckold nursing a hotwife fantasy, you’ll want to keep these facts in mind.

Because while peer pressure can crush her inner slut…

The Queenbee phenomenon gives you an easy and dead-simple way to get her to understand what you want

Even better, you aren’t giving her a boring explanation of your fantasy…

You’re letting her feel it.

If you can communicate your desires in a way that she experiences them… and connects them to what she wants…

You’ll find that you don’t even have to persuade her.

She’ll want to do it for herself.

The Queenbee theory says that women who get sexual interest from two (or more) men actually enjoy the experience.

She loves being the center of attention. She wants men fighting for her affections.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Men are also turned on by situations where one woman is with multiple men (but for different reasons)

The male cuckold fantasy probably exists because of these natural mechanisms intended to prevent false paternity.

If she’s getting fucked by another guy (or guys), he’s getting aroused by it because he’s now competing with their sperm.

His desire for her increases even if she never really had sex or even intended to. It’s the risk that activates the male sexual energy.

Men get aroused by a cheating wife… even at the image of a woman with two men… because he’s got to be ready to mate with her next.

The Queenbee phenomenon shows that a similar process is true for women.

When multiple men compete for sexual access to her, the competition activates ancestral biological functions.

Her selfish sex drive secretly craves being desired by other men. She responds to the attention unconsciously with powerful emotions and physical reactions.

The takeaway?

Attention from men who aren’t her long-term romantic partner is a potent source of female sexual desire.

Both sexes respond to infidelity (even imaginary infidelity) with powerful feelings of arousal and sexual desire.

Men and women want it for different reasons. But we both ‘get off’ on the thought of our partners getting laid outside of our relationship.

Even if we consciously reject it as “cheating”. Even if the culture shames us as adulterers.

Men and women can both reach a level of breathtaking, heart-breaking lust at the fantasy (or the fact) of a woman in sexual tension with multiple male partners

Even the possibility of sexual encounter in a charged situation can be enough to set it off.

Remember a few years ago when the Twilight series sold about a trillion books and became a series of hit movies with millions of women lining up to see shirtless werewolves?

That was all female libido. Millions and millions of women, from tweens to middle-aged soccer moms couldn’t wait to gobble it up.

What resonated with these women? A young girl who became the center of attention for two mysterious, powerful men who fought for her love.

You still think this isn’t a powerful motivation?

Use the Queenbee phenomenon as a technique to communicate in HER sexual language

Let her understand what you want by framing it in a language she can understand.

Better yet, don’t try to explain it at all.

Let your message work at the level of intuition and feeling.

Sex and lust are experiences first.

Nothing you say can convince her if you don’t connect with her emotions and desires.

Unlock her hidden lust with the seductive promise of sexual infidelity

The easiest way to use this?

Encourage her to fantasize.

Give her permission. Reassure her that you want her to. That you’re okay with it. That it drives you mad with lust for her.

Go down on her and let her feel how aroused you are for her.

You’re showing that YOU desire her strongly.

And that you’re okay with her getting attention from OTHER men.

Summing up

If you want your shy conservative wife to be a more open-minded and sexually aroused woman, then you have to relate your fantasies to her wants and needs.

That’s a good principle to keep in mind for any sexual fantasy.

It’s especially good for the kinky stuff, like hotwifing, which involves bringing another person into your most intimate and private world.

The good news is, the Queenbee phenomenon means that she’s likely to be more receptive than you think.

IF you can frame your message in her language.

This is a powerful technique! Make sure you want this.

I’m serious. You could open up a can of worms that you can’t close again.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

One more thing: Don’t manipulate her.

That’s dishonest, a violation of trust, and if you’re not sincere and open it probably won’t work anyway.

The point of this article is to show you men how you can reframe your desire to be cuckolded by a hotwife in a language she can understand.

And to let women see how desire works “under the hood”.

We want you to be understood, and we want you to have better sex. Both of you.

These techniques aren’t for the conniving liar trying to force her into a situation she’s not okay with.

However this works out for you, it looks like monogamy is incompatible with female sexual desire.

A woman’s lust feeds on the intensity of being desired by new and different men.

She feels sexual when she feels desirable to men.

We don’t want to tell you that the choice is between a comfortable, familiar, intimate marriage, which is sexless… or an active sex life which involves being married to a promiscuous woman.

But the bored sexless marriage is no myth.

Creative couples can use their imaginations to “share her” in their minds… or with role play… without letting other men in her pants.

Of course, we wouldn’t be a good cuckold/hotwife site if we didn’t recommend a little extramarital sex, would we?

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