My fiance wants to be a hotwife

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Cuckold Wedding Vows

Though it doesn’t seem so common, women can bring up cuckolding to their partners.

Your fiance wants to be a hotwife. What now?

The problem is that many men won’t know how to react if she brings it up first.

Even men with strong cuckold desires might think twice.


It’s a double standard alright.

But it’s also an opportunity for both of you to explore new levels of sexual enjoyment.

IF you know how to handle it.

Let’s see how that can work.

  • Why does she want it?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Trusting your partner
  • Create a safe harbor

Why does your fiance want to be a hotwife?

Men are naturally jealous and insecure about unleashed female sexuality.

The female body represents limitless sexual availability. She doesn’t need a hard dick to fuck.

If she’s got a high sex drive, that’s a pro and a con for you, her cuckold husband.

It means that she can outlast any man.

It also means she won’t necessarily be satisfied by any man.

‘Red Pill’ wisdom says that if she’s asking for an open relationship, she’s already cheating on you.

And it might be true.

We know that female sex drive depends on feeling desired. She gets off on attention from new, different, attractive men.

The thing is… for many men, if they knew it was only about sex, without any risky emotional connection or threat to their relationship… they might be okay with it.

That’s the whole basis for the cuckold/hotwife kink, after all.

As long as she’s coming home to me, he thinks, the sex can be permitted.

But we consenting adults know that it’s never just about the act of sex.

Even if you rule out emotional connections and jealous rivalry, there’s always the paternity issue.

If she’s spreading her legs for other guys, there’s a chance she’ll have a baby by a guy who isn’t her husband.

Men know this, unconsciously.

The risk of pregnancy and the ambiguity of paternity might even be why cuckold fetishes appear in men. Sperm competition guarantees that he’ll be aroused and excited at the prospect of her cheating ways… so he’s more likely to get in there and leave his own seed to up his chances of fertilizing her womb.

While the fantasy of a cuckold pregnancy motivates some couples, men in general have plenty of incentive to push for sexual monogamy.

At this step you have to ask yourself a question:

How do you feel about your wife to be having sex with other men?

What matters here is whether you’re turned on by it.

Whether you’re okay with your relationship going this way.

If you didn’t sign up to be a cuck, you’ll resent it.

Sooner or later.

We’ve seen stories of unwitting guys who get talked into it by a smooth-talking big-booty princess, not realizing that she’s already got her eyes (or worse) on another guy.

Even guys with a latent cuckold kink can feel betrayed and deceived — and they’re right.

This has to be a two-way street. Around here, we endorse cuckolding as part of a relationship, built on trust, love, and open communication.

If she’s talking to you about cuckolding while ignoring your needs and wants, you might have a problem.

If you’re hesitating and she’s pushing, you might have a cheater on your hands.

Then again…

If you find your dick hard at the thought of your future wife fucking other men for your mutual pleasure, you’ve got a place to start.

Some men aren’t wired for sharing. That’s okay. Nobody should believe that there’s a one-size-fits-all relationship.

That said…

We know that a lot of men find cuckolding and hotwifing arousing.

Men that know they are cuckolds… or men that discover it when she brings it up… already live in a different head space.

You can trust your feelings on this.

If your fiance says “baby I want to be your hotwife” and you aren’t ready to pack your bags, it’s worth talking about.

Which means that you have to have another discussion about…

Trusting your partner

The problem?

Arousal isn’t everything in a marriage.

Your relationship cannot be about sex and only sex.

At some point your have to have trust… and if either one of you puts the sexual kink above your relationship, it’s not going to work.

If you don’t trust your fiance (or wife or stable girlfriend), then cuckolding isn’t going to work for you.

Which is true of any relationship, whether or not there’s kinky sex involved.

If your fiance brings up cuckolding and it wasn’t a mutual thing, or a topic you’ve brought up, you might have a good reason to wonder.

She might just be a freak in the bedroom, true.

If you’ve got a freaky girl who will be honest with you about her slut side, at least enough to give you the choice without cheating behind your back, that’s not worth nothing.

It might turn you on and get you off. If your dick gets hard imagining her getting the deep-dick from a different guy, go with that feeling.

Communication is everything. We don’t believe in cheating around here. Lying, going behind your back, full-blown sexting while playing monogamous girlfriend, that’s low-grade scumbag behavior.

With cuckolding relationships, cheating isn’t really cheating. You know it’s happening, with full agreement, while you play like it’s real.

It’s “cheating” with a *wink-wink*.

Real cheating is a violation of trust. You don’t have to put up with that… and you’ll regret it if you do.

How do you make this easier?

Create a safe harbor

Everybody knows about the safe word in BDSM play.

That’s your signal to stop the ride and let everyone off.

Cuckold and hotwife relationships need this too.

You’re acting out a part. When that part involves new penises inside a married woman’s vagina, it’s real easy to cross the lines.

Look, we’re into kinky shit here. We all know that.

Letting your fiance fuck another guy is as kinky as it gets.

Letting her get close to another guy is even riskier.

You have to lay it all out on the table.

What do the two of you agree is okay?

What isn’t?

You might have rules like…

  • She can only see a bull one night a month.
  • You’ve got a safe word so that you can stop at any time.
  • No staying the night.
  • No lying or sneaking around behind his back with a bull.
  • Letting your bulls know that they’re part of your (the couple) sexual fantasy.
  • Condoms are required (unless everyone is tested)

These have to be real rules. What happens if one of you breaks a rule?

When will it stop?

If she won’t agree to stop — or if she agrees and keeps going — that’s a red flag.

You can’t trust her. What would you get from staying with a partner you can’t trust?

The truth is that many men with ‘cuckold’ fetishes aren’t in a good place.

The sex isn’t the main reason they’re into it. They want the psychological torture.

While that’s understandable, our mission around here is a healthier and positive image for cuckold and hotwife relationships.

What now?

You get started by talking.

  • Why does she want to bang other guys?
  • How do you feel about her getting laid outside your relationship?
  • Can you trust each other?
  • Have you created a safe harbor?

How can you get started?

For couples comfortable enough to get freaky in the sack with other guys, sharing her can be pleasurable and rewarding in a way that monogamous sex can’t beat.

But we all know that’s not for everyone.

If you’ve got doubts about letting your girl jump in the sack with a new penis, you can’t ignore that.

We can’t tell you if that jealousy and doubt is part of your fetish. For many stag husbands and wannabe cucks, those negative emotions are part of the sexual excitement. It wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t feel the punishment.

Other guys are into it because they love to visualize their girl getting laid like a porn star. They want to see her body taken and pleased by a hung stud. And that’s okay, too, but you should understand that sex can be more complicated for girls.

The best way for you to proceed with these ideas. Here’s your options. Here’s what I’d do. Maybe this isn’t even right for you. (It’s up to you.)

Our writers at WHTC are all physically and emotionally aroused by cheating slutty wives and girlfriends. We know where we stand on it: it’s fucking hot.

If you don’t have that kind of clarity, think twice before you act on this fantasy.

She can’t un-fuck a guy that has penetrated her.

And you might regret it.

If you can’t stop thinking about her riding and being ridden, then the two of you have something to talk about…

What would you say if your long-term girlfriend or wife-to-be approached you with the idea of letting her have sex with another man?

Leave a comment and let me know –>

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