Your hotwife wants savage sex (but you can’t give it to her)

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Women feel powerful sexual desire when men desire them… and the more savage, aggressive, animal-like the male desire, the more she’s turned on.

If you want your wife to be your hotwife, you have to understand how HER sexual desire works.

The female sex drive. What really gets her motor humming? Scientists didn’t give it a lot of attention until recently.

But now there’s plenty of fascinating insights into her sexual desire.

Since we’re all about naughty wife-sharing sex around here, let’s talk about how hotwives and cuckold husbands can use this forbidden knowledge about the female libido for their own selfish purposes.

In this article we’ll discuss why…

  • Monogamy doesn’t suit her sex drive
  • Female sexual desire becomes a raging tiger when dominant men desire her with passion and aggression
  • Hotwife marriages are one way to keep your monogamous relationship while satisfying her sexual needs

Monogamy doesn’t suit her sex drive

You might think women are the passive, chaste sex.

We sure did.

We all thought she was supposed to be the “good girl” — chaste, loyal, monogamous, uninterested in sex, keeping a low “number”, more turned on by closeness and intimacy with a partner than having rough-house sex with attractive men.


It turns out that women love dirty, kinky, promiscuous, transgressive and even violent sex.

The problem is, even most women aren’t able to express what they want…

And most men have no idea what’s going on in her mind.

We’ve got a lot of very confused couples doing the right thing by pairing up and living in monogamously bliss.

Except that it’s not very blissful, is it?

Would it surprise you that the old joke about wedding cake being the ultimate libido killer now has a lot of scientific support?

If you’ve been together for more than a few years, chances are that your wife, girlfriend, or fiancee…

  • Isn’t satisfied in bed
  • Doesn’t want sex often (or at all)
  • Seems to have little interest in sex… and…
  • She may not even be clear on what she wants.

Not only are we having less sex the longer we’re together

Nobody in the marriage seems to have any idea of why the fire died…

Or what could bring back the raging flame of passionate desire.

But it turns out there is a simple solution (even though you may not like it)…

Letting her fantasize about fucking other men… often in risky, taboo, even violent situations that you could never act out in real life… opened up her sexuality

Would you be surprised to learn that women often fantasize about dominant, aggressive, assertive men who take charge of them and ravish them, often without their consent?

And that these fantasies are often more sexual, erotic, and even orgasmic than any other female desire?

She may love you… but her libido craves aggressive, even violent encounters with strong males.

That’s what research into female sexuality has shown us.

Research from Meredith Chivers and Marta Meana reveals the dirty, decadent and dark side of female desire.

Women respond physically to scenes of hot sex… male and female.

Her desire follows her physical arousal.

And a a woman’s desire?

That depends on being desired by men.

Men who are assertive, aggressive, and willing to take what they want.

It isn’t just the science that tells us this. The popularity of books/films like Twilight and Fifty Shades broke records, driven almost entirely by women.

You draw your own conclusions… but one thing we can count on is the gap between what women are expected to want and what women do when nobody’s looking.

This defies everything we’re told about the “good girl”…

Not to mention the stigma around consent and violence here in the age of #MeToo.

If your sex life is unsatisfying, it’s not your fault.

You were given bad intel.

Husbands were never told what women like. They were dished up pretty lies about romance and sentimental love.

But it’s women themselves who took the worst of it. They’ve been lied to about their own sexuality from an early age.

We’ve got married men who love their wives but don’t get sex enough…

Women who don’t want sex with their husbands and often aren’t satisfied when they have it…

What can you do about it?

How you can have a better sex life by encouraging her to have sex with other partners

Hotwives and cuckolds are in a great position to transform the dead bedroom into a lively playground of delights without risking the closeness and intimacy of marriage.

In many cultures, marriage doesn’t prevent the wife from having sex with other men besides her husband.

The Inuit allow their wives to have sex with travelers (if the husband gives the okay).

There are tribes in Africa which even allow the wife to get pregnant by other men, raising the other man’s children in a single family unit.

In the days of ancient Rome, married men would share their wives with other men as a favor. If his wife had already produced his own heirs, her husband might even allow her to bear the children for a childless friend.

Unfortunately… in our time, Victorian morality and Bible-thumping moralizers believe that repression of sex is a virtue.

Today, men can’t explore non-monogamy even with consent outside of small obscure sub-cultures of swingers (and of course our own hotwife/cuckold communities).

And we all know the word “cuck”. A man turned on by the fantasy is a weak sissy loser. The shame is real.

It’s even worse for women.

Women who stray are called sluts and adulterers. They have no way to express their desires to be ravaged, and the dialogue around marriage continues to require sexual fidelity… not to mention punishing infidelity as the ultimate betrayal.

What if we didn’t have to live this way?

What if married couples and long-term relationships didn’t have to be content with mediocre, boring, unsatisfying sex?

How could your sex life become more satisfying… and more erotic… for both of you if you didn’t have to put these desires in the closet?

The hotwife/cuckold marriage is one way to keep your relationship happy and sexual, while giving her the satisfaction she needs

We know that female sexuality is nearly infinite when compared to men.

A woman doesn’t have to keep up an erection in order to give or receive pleasure. Some women can have multiple orgasms per hour, for multiple hours. A man who is at his peak can do, what, five or six in a day?

The female body represents the promise and potential for sex in a way that the male body does not.

And we know that…

The female sex drive responds to lots of dominant, aggressive male sexual passion from a variety of men

The kind of passion that can’t co-exist with stable, loyal, intimate relationships.

A loving husband may truly love and care for his wife. But settling down into that familiar arrangement is exactly what puts a cap on her libido.

She can no longer express her sexual energies because your marriage — more precisely, the sexual fidelity of your marriage — deprives her of the sparks that ignite them.

You’ve got a choice.

You can either find a way to bring the “new guy” dynamic back to your marriage.

Or you do what hotwife/cuckold couples do: Allow her to find that sexual magic by getting with other guys.

Fantasize about sharing her

This is where it all starts: in your mind and in your own bedroom.

Men, if you’re trying to be a cuckold husband, then bring it up during foreplay.

This goes over especially well while you’re going down on her (having your mouth on her pussy while telling her you want her to fuck another man makes it extra arousing for you, too).

New hotwives may find that they don’t care for the fantasy at all until their husbands bring it up. That seems to be how it goes most of the time… this is a highly male-driven desire, ironically enough.

But, because we know that female desire follows physical arousal, it may be best for the both of you to explore it once she’s already turned on.

For bonus points, do it around the few days of the month when she’s ovulating. There’s good reason to believe she’s more receptive to certain types of men (and of course to infidelity) during that window.

Role play it

The next step is to move the fantasy out of your mind and into the real world.

But we aren’t bringing another person into your intimate regions just yet.

Instead, you’ll dress up and play pretend like it’s about to happen.

Go somewhere public, like a bar, a cafe, or the beach.

Dress up sexy, like you’re single and looking to score.

You can start out tame. Ask her to point out the guys she’d have sex with.

If you get brave (or have a few drinks in you), split up and let her sit alone. This works better at spots where you can expect a ‘pickup’. If she gets a guy offering to buy her a drink, and she’s curious, let them flirt and see how it goes.

If that’s too fast, then don’t even involve another person. The two of you can pretend that she got hit on… or gave a BJ in the bathroom… or more…

The upside is that you’ll have great sex when you get home.

That’s the power of unleashing the female sex drive by making her feel desired.

Of course, if you’re really into the idea, you can bring it to the next step…

Find an exciting male partner and do it

Hey, why not?

If your husband is a cuckold, and you’re a curious-minded woman willing to give hotwifing a try, then nothing stops you from taking the plunge.

This one has easy instructions.

The two of you find yourself a willing fella and let him get into your pants.

Easier said than done, surely.

But when you get to the bottom of it, it’s no harder than the one-night stands that happen every night.

It’s even easier now thanks to hookup apps like Tinder. No woman who is ready to get laid has to wait.

Summing up

Let’s put the cards on the table. Sharing the female half of your sexual relationship is risky. It’s risky to your relationship. To your emotions and loyalty as a husband. To her commitment to you as a couple.

That risk is the point of the whole exercise. If you want to release the female libido, you need to find some way to make her feel intensely desired by new and different men.

That’s a big ask. You might prefer intimacy and closeness, not to mention the trust and loyalty of a committed partner, over your cuckold fantasy.

We’re pro cuckold and hotwife around here obviously, but even we admit that it’s not all roses and rainbows.

And don’t get us started on the STDs and the risk of a cuckold pregnancy. It might turn you cucks on if she gets knocked up by another man… but raising another man’s child is no light decision for a few nights of sexual gratification.

It’s safer to stay monogamous. So what if you only have sex once a month (or year)? Even if neither of you are satisfied in the bedroom, you’ve got intimacy and closeness.

You don’t want to risk that bond for a little kinky, super-exciting sex, right?