Why competition for sex with his wife can be the best thing for a married man

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You don’t go to dinner at an empty restaurant.

If the place was any good, they’d have customers.

That might even be more true for sexual attraction. You’ll never feel so much desire for a person as when you know that somebody else wants to fuck them.

Once a couple settles down and the “honeymoon tingles” are done, it’s easy to get comfortable with each other. Too comfortable.

Women especially need to feel that heart-throb that happens when that cute sexy guy is into her.

A stable and secure relationship is great and all, but nothing hits quite like the thump of new-guy tingles.

If the sky-high divorce rates and infidelity among committed couples didn’t clue you in on this, we also have the ample evidence from sex science showing us the connection between female libido and a woman’s feelings of desirability to men.

She feels sexual desire when she feels desired.

And most long-term sexually monogamous relationships do not satisfy that thirst.

The more competition for the pussy, the more she’s going to feel like using it.

Not that any high-class ladies would put it in such crude terms. Still, the effect is the same even with WHTC’s trademark potty-mouth.

Just like popular restaurants are busy because they’re busy, a sexually desirable woman often gets that way by being receptive to desire.

She’s wanted because men want her… and men want her because she’s wanted.

It’s all circular, and that can work for her as much as against her.

You might think that this is well and good for her… but what about her husband? Isn’t that poor guy getting cheated on?

In a way. But in these mature relationships, a lot of men are finding that a sexually-awakened wife is way more fun than a bitter frigid prude. Does it matter if she’s getting fucked by other guys if (i) he’s getting off on that and (ii) she’s more than happy to fuck him at home?

There’s more to think about than just the fact that his slutty wife is having sex with other men.

For some couples, that arrangement benefits both of them. By having to compete for sexual access with his wife, many men find that the hunt is indeed more exciting than the kill.

The hotwife lifestyle isn’t for everybody… but when it works, it’s a firecracker.

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