What hotwife couples have in common with “Red Pill” pickup artists

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“All women will cheat.”

That’s what the “Red Pill” pickup artists teach. Any women will spread her legs if the opportunity’s right, no matter how long she’s been with a guy or what promises she’s made.

It’s all down to status in her mind.

That might sound cynical. And the PUA community might seem like a strange comrade for cuckold couples and adventurous hotwives.

Truth is, they’re mirror images of each other.

They disagree about female infidelity, naturally. PUAs want to understand why women cheat so they can avoid it… or exploit it by picking up women in relationships.

Cuckolds and hotwives want to use that knowledge for sexual satisfaction.

It’s all down to that word “slut”.

Red Pillers don’t want them, cucks can’t get enough of them them, hotwives take power in being one.

But as far as being in tune with the realities of female sexuality and monogamous relationships?

They couldn’t be closer together.

Here at WHTC, we’ve had a lot to say about how long-term monogamous relationships aren’t compatible with female sex drive. She may want a loving, committed relationship… but her mind and body crave attention from new and different “bad boys”.

I got an email the other day from a reader who told me of the many times he’d hooked up with wives “on the prowl” for new dick.

He had no interest in being cuckolded himself. He found that part a turn off. But he liked being a bull, he liked the thrill of picking up cheating wives and found that part exciting.

How interesting is that?

He’s getting the NSA sex he wants…

The wives get the sexual excitement and attention they crave…

And the cuckolded husbands get to live out their fantasy of having a sexy cheating “slut” wife.

Being real about the limitations of monogamy and the reality of female sex drive can be liberating for everyone.

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