How Twilight reveals the secret hotwife desire hidden inside millions of women

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This popular vampire story reveals a secret ‘back door’ into cuckolding and hotwife fantasies from the female point of view. If you’re having a hard time talking to your wife about your cuckolding fantasy, you don’t want to skip this one.

First the books, then then movies.

The Twilight series broke many a record for publishing and film.

And women from 14 to 70 couldn’t get enough.

What does a sappy romance story have to do with this website for the dirtiest and sexiest of minds?

Let’s find out.

Here’s the short rundown of what we’re going to talk about:

  • How Twilight’s record-destroying success reveals secret female desires
  • Why the love triangle plot is the hotwife fantasy in disguise
  • What it means for cuckolds that millions of women of all ages couldn’t get enough of this story

Twilight shows us a misfit young woman who becomes the object of desire for two attractive men

I’m sure you all know the plot.

A misunderstood young girl runs into a sparkly vampire who is all into her.

Then a mysterious but hunky guy is also into her.

Oh, and he’s a werewolf, who doesn’t get along with vampires.

Twilight is a classic love-triangle story.

With supernatural monsters played by handsome Hollywood actors, sure.

At its heart is the same primal energy that fascinates and compels women to come back to these stories over and over again.

The same force that drives the popularity of Jane Austen and Danille Steel.

What does this have to do with you and your wife-sharing fantasy?

You could say that…

The male cuckolding fantasy what happens when one of the guys gets an intense sexual thrill from the love triangle.

One of the boys finds himself erect when he realizes he’s got competition for her heart and her… more enjoyable parts.

Think of it like this:

The love triangle story is the female mirror of the hotwife fantasy

A lot of women will tell you that they don’t find anything erotic or sexual about cuckolding fantasies.

We’ve heard more than one woman call it “gross” and un-sexy.

We suspect most of them are put off by the pathetic, submissive, humiliation-craving sissy ‘beta males’ that crowd the space.

We get it.

We encourage men to step away from that part of the fetish, even if it is your ‘kick’.

It isn’t attractive to women.

You’re more likely to repel her than get her interested.

Know why?

You’re making it about you.

She has different ideas about sex. Different triggers to get her lubrication flowing.

You think she might respond a little differently if you made your cheating-wife fantasy appeal to her?

Are you starting to see the idea?

Here’s why this works:

At the bottom of it you’re both after the same thing.

One girl, two boys.

The cuck wants the sexual, erotic, voyeuristic angle of enjoying his partner’s sensual thrill.

The excitement of knowing she’s enjoying consequence-free sex with an equally excited partner.

The girl in the love triangle lives inside a different frame.

She’s the center of attention.

She’s desirable to desirable men…

So much that they’ll compete and even physically fight for her.

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Having a threesome with two women is regarded by some as the universal favorite sexual fantasy, for a majority of men. But, despite this, studies have shown that Internet pornography, targeted mainly towards men, is actually dominated by images of single women with multiple men. Despite the fact that men’s minds and imagination might desire two women, the men’s bodies react to the cues of sperm competition, and the image of a single women being sexual with multiple men actually triggers greater sexual arousal in the man’s body.

David J. Ley, Psychology Today

There’s a reason that these love triangle plots endure.

They stay popular because they appeal to women’s desires.

She wants to be the “Queenbee“.

She secretly craves the attention of men.

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And a good number of men find it unconsciously sexy, too. Some of them even use this stimulation for their own pleasure.

Guys respond to women with multiple male partners.

And that, cucks and hotwives, should tell you something important:

Millions of women can’t resist the intense sexual ‘rocket fuel’ tapped by the Queenbee effect

She doesn’t call it cuckolding or hotwifing.

Few women would even make that connection.

Even fewer would admit it, if you told them.

All the same, the fantasy is:

One woman, desired by two or more attractive men.

Both sexes respond to this situation with a deep erotic desire.

Being loved and desired by two men – is that perhaps more exciting, more stimulating than loved by a single man? In Insatiable Wives, I described the “Queenbee phenomenon,” and the powerful feelings of attractiveness, self-worth and confidence that some women get, from being desired by multiple men.

David J. Ley

Men, if you’re wondering how to sell your hotwife fantasy, you need to read those sentences many times.

Read them as much as it takes until the lesson sinks in.

This part:

The powerful feelings of attractiveness, self-worth and confidence that some women get from being desired by multiple men.

All it takes to make this a cuckold/hotwife situation?

Make one of these men wildly excited about the arrangement.

A man who wants her to get sexually ravaged by his competitor.

How do you use it?

The Twilight phenomenon shows us how many women are captivated by fantasies of non-monogamous relationships.

It also shows prospective cuckolds how to bring it up to their wives…

Without raising her resistance.

If you’re a married man having trouble bringing it up to your wife, then change how you’re presenting it.

Don’t frame it as a cuckold or hotwife situation.

Ask her about Twilight. Ask her if she’s ever been in a situation like that.

Ask her how she would feel if she had two guys like that chasing her.

You want to talk to her from inside her own mind.

You want to…

Appeal to her desire to be desired.

Frame it as a desire triangle.

She’s not cheating on you.

She’s not being a slut.

She’s being chased by two men who desire her enough to compete for her attention and her body.

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She may not knowingly and intentionally cuckold you.

But if she responded to Twilight, chances are better than even that she’s had…

Dirty, sexy ideas about two (or more) boys lusting after her

That’s the seed you want to nourish, cuck.

Ladies, are you a Twilight fan? Is your husband a cuckold?

What do you think about the two-guys fantasy?

Let us know in the comments or send me an email.