Cuckold fantasies grow from shameless sexual desire (in women)

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s easy to think of women as the timid sex.

Men are the aggressive, assertive agents who go out into the world and take what they want. Women are expected to sit back, be quiet, and accept what comes to them.

That’s the story most of us are told.

While there’s truth in this picture, it leaves a lot out. Women don’t have less sex drive than men, but they do experience attraction differently than men.

Take away all the social conditioning and women can be as horny, mischievous, and lecherous as any man.

Read around the seedy parts of Reddit and you’ll see what female desire looks like free of the boundaries of polite society.

You’ll find fantasies of wrecking homes, stealing husbands for the thrill of it, dominating other women and being dominated by politically incorrect men, fantasies of non-consent, desire to be impregnated, and much more.

When men encounter female sex drive in all its glory, they can’t help but get excited.

A sexually open women might be open to sex with him. The promise of availability, even from a promiscuous woman that isn’t “his”, always tempts the male half.

Is it so much of a stretch to say that cuckold, hotwife, and stag/vixen (S/V) desires grow out of male responses to signals of female sexual availability?

Whether he can have her or not isn’t the question. It’s whether she’s there for the taking.

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