She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!)

There’s a time-tested way to turn your boyfriend into a cuckold:

Have sex with another man behind his back. Make sure everyone knows it but him.

That’s not the kind of cuckolding we’re into around here. We prefer the kind where the hotwife gets sex from other guys and her stag husband knows all about it.

While it’s not as common for women to bring it up, you find many cases where it’s the would-be hotwife, and not her husband, that first hits on the idea of ‘voluntary cuckolding’.

But men who don’t already have a strong cuckold fantasy, and that is most men, are not going to take this news in stride. If you’re the woman bringing this up, you could be risking your relationship, or worse.

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Sexy porn star housewife Aria Khaide misses her husband

Sexy porn star housewife Aria Khaide misses her husband 1

This seductive porn star MILF misses her husband and kids when she travels for work: Aria’s in the ‘industry’ with her partner Chris. He gets to watch his sexy hotwife get it on with other guys. It looks like they even do threesome scenes together. What an inspiring (and smoking-hot) Christmas cuckolding story!

How Twilight reveals the secret hotwife desire hidden inside millions of women

This popular vampire story reveals a secret ‘back door’ into cuckolding and hotwife fantasies from the female point of view. If you’re having a hard time talking to your wife about your cuckolding fantasy, you don’t want to skip this one.

First the books, then then movies.

The Twilight series broke many a record for publishing and film.

And women from 14 to 70 couldn’t get enough.

What does a sappy romance story have to do with this website for the dirtiest and sexiest of minds?

Let’s find out.

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How Mia Khalifa became a perfect porn-star hotwife idol

Buxom Lebanese beauty Mia Khalifa got into porn after she and her husband got into hotwife play.

She’s a gorgeous young woman with a high sex drive. We can understand why a lusty husband would have a burning desire to share her.

They’ve got a sexy hotwifing story, too.

Let’s see how Mia went from a boring old monogamous marriage to hotwife icon.

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Hotwife porn star Maitland Ward

Former mainstream TV star Maitland Ward recently crossed over into the world of adult films at the age of 42.

Most of the media attention focuses on the ex-child star transitioning from Disney to dick-riding.

We’re more interested in Maitland Ward’s married life. She’s not just the girl next door doing porn… she’s got a husband.

A sexy, mature woman confident in her sexuality and making porn with her husband of over ten years. That’s our kind of relationship!

Let’s read more about Maitland Ward’s career as a married porn star.

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