His girlfriend likes to meet guys on the internet for sex

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

With dating apps now it’s easier than ever for women to meet men.

A woman on Tinder is a scarce commodity. She’ll get all the attention she could want, and more. There’s always another thirsty guy to compete for her.

No wonder that more and more cuckold men encourage their wives and gfs to spend time on these apps.

Hotwives also find that sharing herself with a total stranger online can awaken her sexual interest.

When you go over to sites like reddit, you’ll find hundreds of couples sharing dirty pictures and videos of the wife… and you’ll find a lot of horny husbands who are ecstatic that to discover that their wives drop all inhibitions (and clothing) at the opportunity to show off online.

It’s a fun way to get a “soft” start into hotwifing if you aren’t ready for another man to dive into her just yet.

With today’s apps, text messaging, pics, and even videos are easier than ever to send.

Here’s some ideas for you.

Start a text chat with another guy or guys.

It can get as racy as you’re comfortable with. It can start out as simple flirting. It might progress to nudes and videos.

Even videos for your husband, if things go right…

Share her photos with the world if she’s got an exhibitionist streak.

Lots of women like to be watched. If your wife gets off on that kind of attention, encourage her to share her body. Black out your face if that worries you.

It isn’t just the wives who like this. A lucky husband with a “show off” wife can take pride in the attention that his woman gets. If he’s really lucky, her nudes will attract men that she can fuck.

Role play cuckolding through text messages

If she’s getting “interesting” with a partner through texting, you can make him her official (wink, wink) bull.

Even if there’s no real sexual contact involved… even if they aren’t in the same country… it’s still possible to bring the bull into your bedroom remotely.

Dress up for him. Let your new boy-toy control when and how you have sex with your husband. Orgasm with him on video. Get creative.

You can even get paid for it using apps like OnlyFans.

Let your wife get plowed and get your rent paid, too. Everybody wins!

Seriously though, if you’re an adventurous couple and could use a few extra bucks each month, this might be one way to do it. Get laid, indulge your hotwife desires, and create content at the same time.

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