Understanding the hotwife phenomenon

Hotwife in a red bikini

Many happy couples are exploring new heights of pleasure with female non-monogamy. What is this hotwife phenomenon? How does it work?

Imagine your wife having sex with another man.

For many couples, sexual infidelity is the end of a marriage.

For many men, a cheating wife or girlfriend is a devastating emotional and personal blow.

How can it be that so many men and women, in loving, committed relationships, are willing and ready to share her with other men for sex?

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Your husband is a cuckold: A beginner’s introduction to the seductive world of wife-sharing, cuckolding, and the hotwife phenomenon

Hotwife in a red bikini

Ladies: has your boyfriend, fiance, or husband ever talked dirty to you about flirting with other men?

  • Has he teased you about getting sex from other guys?
  • Has he told you that he likes the thought of you being with another man?
  • Does he ask you about your sex life with old boyfriends?

If so, it might be that your husband is a cuckold.

In this article, we’re going to give you a quick introduction to what that means, what you can do about it… and why you might enjoy it more than you think.

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Every man dreams of a freaky woman in his bedroom

Every man dreams of a freaky woman in his bedroom 1

Ladies: Why does your husband (or boyfriend) want you to get laid?

Fellas: Why are you so riled up fantasizing about your wife (or girlfriend) getting the dick from another dude?

There’s a simple reason. It’s because all men are attracted to sexually-available women. Even if he won’t say it out loud, he’s fascinated by “slutty” women that live with an open and honest sexuality.

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Sex is Weird

Want her to cheat | Cuckold & Hotwife Erotica

Cuckolding and wife sharing seem provocative to many, in the best and worst ways. But these kinks don’t begin to scratch the surface.

In the animal kingdom, sex secures procreation. Humans are animals. Therefore humans mate for procreation. Seamless logic. It would be perfect if it weren’t for all the many and weird ways that human animals get themselves off.

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