That hunger in your hotwife’s eyes when she looks at her lover

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

When you first meet your special somebody, there’s a chain of chemical reactions in your brain.

Men and women both get that “tingle” when they meet a new person that tickles their fancies just right.

That feeling of being head over heels isn’t just lovey-dovey stuff. It’s intensely sexual.

You never fuck with such energy as the first year of a relationship.

The thing about relationships is that the energy wears off.

The longer we’re together, the more familiar we get, the less intensity and passion we have for our partners.

This isn’t all bad. It’s a very good thing. A relationship built on trust, respect, mutual concern, and deep intimacy has rewards beyond sex.

But sex is good too. Let’s not get down on sex.

We’ve written before about how cuckolding and hotwife relationships can restore some of that sexual fire.

While women want a stable romantic connection with a long-term partner…

Her pussy craves a fling with a no-good “alpha male” bad-boy.

Her satisfaction in the sack might have a lot to do with the amount and kind of attention she gets from men. The “Queenbee Effect” means that sexual passion and long-term monogamy aren’t always compatible.

A hotwife arrangement can throw gasoline on the smoldering coals of her libido. She gets to experience that “new cock tingle” all over again.

What about the cucked husband?

Many husbands report a “spillover” effect when their wives have affairs. She brings home that new sexual energy and hubby ends up getting more action than he got from his loyal wife.

Sadly, many couples have to find this out the hard way when she cheats the old fashioned way.

Cuckold & hotwife couples get the same benefits by allowing and encouraging her to have a consensual affair. That way, nobody has to risk the shame and guilt of cheating, or the emotional hurt of breaking trust with a loving partner.

Not only that, but a stag husband can get his satisfaction just knowing that his wife is a desirable fuck-toy that brings pleasure to men. A woman’s sexual availability is strongly linked to her attractiveness. If other men want her, and enjoy her body, that’s a signal boost to his own status.

Husbands of porn stars and escorts and other sex workers don’t see themselves as being “cheated on”. They are clearly into it on some level.

It’s no different for a voluntary cuckold or a stag husband who finds it kinky, sexual, and erotic that she fucks other men.

That look in her eye for her new lover means that he’s going to enjoy the experience as much as she will.

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