Awakening a wife’s repressed sexual energy with other partners

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Monogamy’s great.

You think that’s weird to say on a site all about slutty cheating wives and the men who love them, don’t you?

It shouldn’t be that weird. A monogamous relationship can still involve a non-monogamous sex life. You don’t stop being a married couple if one of you has an “ordinary” affair.

Plus… to get the real advantages of a cuckold, hotwife, stag/vixen lifestyle… you have to be a committed couple. That’s the whole kink. Friends and roommates don’t get this kind of dynamic.

The thing is that a woman draws her sexual energy from assertive male sexuality.

She needs to feel desired to feel desire.

IOW… if her male partner is not making her feel like a sexual goddess, her pussy’s going to dry up like the Sahara.

That’s why so many affairs happen. She meets a new guy at work, at the gym, at the library, and suddenly she’s feeling that gushy, lovey-dovey, birds in springtime tingle that comes with a new romantic interest.

Suddenly she feels desired again… and that “sexual desert” between her legs is dry no more.

There’s a reason that so many wives, once introduced to the concept of cuckolding, find that it strikes their own fancy as much as their husbands.

She can experience that “new guy passion” all over again… making her feel sexy and wanted.

That’s also the reason why so many husbands discover that a rising tide lifts all boats. All the good feelings she gets with her lover spill over into the marital bed.

For some couples, sharing her sexually really is the best way for the two of them to have more sex with each other.

It’s not for everybody. Men and women both have a lot of reasons to steer clear of the minefields of consensual non-monogamy.

Frankly some people just aren’t open enough, or mature enough, or honest enough to handle it. Others are so controlled by their feelings that they can’t get past the jealousy, fear, and guilt.

But when it works…

She can experience a sexual awakening like none other.

She can feel a rush of new passion… new confidence in her body and her attractiveness… her sense of self-worth… an even her ability to please a man.

And that’s to hubby’s advantage, too.

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