A stag’s excitement comes from a vixen’s feminine energy

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The cuckold fantasy (in all its forms) is really about the male reaction to unleashed female desire.

What does female desire look like?

The Greeks told the story of Pandora, who was a “gift” to men from Zeus.

Beautiful but treacherous. Sexual yet capricious.

Every man wanted her. Every man who got her paid the price.

Pandora embodied female lust at its best and worst.

If male sex drive is aggressive and “active”, female libido is withdrawn and reactive.

She craves the intense feeling of his lust for her.

A cynical writer could say that women are selfish, narcissistic, and self-directed. She’s after her own validation, and she receives it by toying with men and competing with other women.

She will tease, lure, tempt, lie, back-stab, and intrigue to get what she wants.

And the cuckold fantasy?

From men who like to watch to the full-blown cuck husbands in “femdom” chastity, cuckold fantasies appear in those men who find pleasure in that unpredictable female energy.

Men who are so intensely turned on at her sexual excitement that they can’t imagine it any other way.

These men want woman who will destroy them, and do it happily… as long as she’s a wild ride in the bedroom.

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