A virgin couple’s cuckold fantasy

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Your cuckold marriage

What’s one of the most extreme, raunchiest, outright debased forms of the cuckold fantasy you can imagine?

There’s some dirty, naughty stuff out there. Letting your wife stick your junk in a locked cage. Having her bull get her pregnant. Going outercourse only while she gets her pleasures with the man or men who strike her fancy.

Rough as those are, it’s hard to beat this one we found on Reddit:

I know some things are best kept as a fantasy, but the thought of my girlfriend losing her virginity, to another guy, while she’s still in relationship with me, turns me on so much. I know this would likely damage my relationship, if it were to occur, so I’ve not avoided bringing it up with her. If there’s a feasible way this could occur, without losing my girlfriend, I would definitely pursue this.

The Ultimate Cuckold Fantasy: Your SO Giving Up Her Virginity

Whew! That one’s something else.

He’s right, it’s likely to cause problems for him if he raises this perverted sin with his SO.

And yet…

If you get your head into the fantasy world and don’t think too hard about the possible consequences, it’s a pretty steamy fantasy.

Imagine a young couple, who’ve never had carnal knowledge of anyone — much less one another — deciding to let her experience that special first time with a random stunt-cock… and on their wedding night no less.

That’s preposterous, outrageous, explicacious… and dick-hardening, pussy-wetting sinfulness at its finest. All cuck fantasies revolve around denial of some kind.

Letting your girlfriend lose her virginity to another man throws jet fuel on the cheating wife fantasy.

Right of the first night

There’s an old urban legend about the droit de seigneur, or the jus prima noctis if your a Latin purist, which translates to “right of the first night”. Aristocratic lords back in the old days used to reserve the right to deflower the virginal brides of their choosing on the night of the wedding.

Historians don’t to think this ever really happened. It’s more likely a myth made up by revolutionaries attacking the feudal system of landed peasantry.

That doesn’t mean it’s not hot as fuck to think about.

We’re imagining some lusty peasant lad back in the 13th century jerking it furiously in his thatched hut while his buxom new bride takes her first test-drive in the local baron’s bedroom.

He’s got to hate it publicly, for his honour and his religious beliefs… but you know he’s getting hard every time he thinks about it.

Cuck fantasies are already pretty weird and this one is taking it to an extreme

Yeah. But it’s not like we’re asking anyone to actually do it. This is complete fantasy.

If you take that story at face value, nobody’s really going to do this. Even the most depraved sissy cuckboy wouldn’t really do this on purpose.

Most women have a hard enough time getting their heads into cuckolding and hotwifing as it is. You expect a good virgin girl to go for it?

Then again, there are those girls who decide to have their first time with a stranger on camera. Such women are mythical and highly prized by cuckolds, but they do exist.

Natch, this is exactly why young men with virgin gfs get so hot at the idea. Their jealousy gets all mixed up with the sexual energy.

You’ll hear stories like this from time to time. Young couple goes to a party or a concert, have a little too much to drink, and the frisky young virgin finds herself deflowered by the charismatic rogue.

These stories would be the beginning of a long journey through the world of Men’s Rights, for most men.

A select few will find themselves over-the-top horny at the transgression. Their girl had her first time with another guy’s dick. Tears them up inside… and they can’t stop jerking off to the thought of it.

It’s the mental image that seals it. As destructive as the reality would be to a relationship, it’s the idea which drives the thrill.

What if you want to do it?

We’ve got to classify this one as Best Left to the Imagination. Much like cuckold impregnation and chastity on hard mode, virgin cucking steps over that line into an existential risk for your relationship is concerned.

If another man deflowers her while you’re together, are you really together? It sounds like that guy’s her boyfriend now.

Nothing stops you from role playing it in the bedroom, though. If she’s actually staying virginal for the wedding, then play with that. Have her tease you about another guy getting first dibs on her untouched ass.

Here’s an idea to turn up the heat a little more. For your wedding night, procure a dildo that’s slightly larger than your erect penis. Only slightly. You’re not trying to wreck your blushing bride’s virginal vagina. Give it a name.

That’s the guy she’s fucking first on your wedding night. Let him take her virginity. Then you can dive in for imaginary “sloppy seconds”.

If you two are feeling especially randy, ban the groom from penetrating his new wife. That’s right. She’s getting with her boyfriend on your wedding night. You’ll be jerking off on her tits. Which is just what you want, isn’t it?

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