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All cuckolding is tease and denial

Outercourse is one of our favorite topics.

Being banned from your wife’s pussy is one of the cuck’s secret pleasures. Yes, Sex is Weird, but we don’t have to tell you that.

The cuck loves being banned from pussy because, ironically, this is part of the sexual play.

Outercourse is how cuckold couples can still allow physical play for the cuck husband without letting him consummate his desire.

Here’s how.

Outercourse is so much more than dry humping.

The time-tested classic of hormonal teens rubbing themselves raw through denim gives way to more complicated forms of frottage.

Most any part of the female body can stimulate the penis. Besides the well-known blowjob and handjob, there’s

  • Titty jobs
  • Thighjobs
  • Pantyjobs
  • And our favorite, the pussyjob.

A reader writes:

After my wife had our first child, the doctor told her no sex for six weeks. Not that we had that much energy after the baby. After getting up to a month without, though, I started getting antsy.

I could tell my wife was, too, when she put my hand down her pants one afternoon while we were relaxing in bed. She was almost dripping wet.

But we didn’t want to break the no-penetration rule.

“Rub the tip on the outside,” she suggested.

I got on top of her in a missionary position and rubbed my dick between her pussy lips. She was wet enough we didn’t even need lube. With her hands applying just the right pressure, I was hitting her clit and it was almost like being inside her.

He’s not the first to report this. While they had a good medical reason to stay away from PIV sex, many cuckold couples use the pussyjob to deny the cuckold.

And even more than that:

That was years ago, before we got into the lifestyle.

She found the chastity stuff in my browser one day. We weren’t ready for a cage, but she asked me if I got off on that, if I thought it’d be a turn-on if I wasn’t allowed inside her anymore.

Of course I said yes…

A Good Girl only has sex with one man at a time, so it’s only natural that if she’s getting laid by a man other than her husband, her husband will have to refrain from going inside her.

When she’s dating a bull, we agreed that I don’t get to ‘put it in’.

It’s frustrating sometimes when I really want to have sex, but it’s also extra arousing. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like it makes me extra horny for her when I can’t complete the act.

The pussyjob thing, yeah… that’s like symbolic of the whole thing, isn’t it? I get right down there, so close to completing the act, and she’s like ‘nah, just the tip for you’.

I can almost climax from that part, it’s so sexy when she does it.

For this cuck husband, being denied his wife’s pussy amplifies the thrill he gets from sharing her body.

If she’s already allowing her lover to cum inside her regularly, she may prefer to leave PIV intercourse exclusively to him and restrict hubby. Some couples playing the tease & denial game make the husband use a condom.

Others prefer to ban cuckold hubby from PIV sex entirely. For these couples, outercourse is how they share physical intimacy, allowing husband to get his own pleasure from his slutty wife.

You don’t even have to bring another man into your sex life to do this. Wives, tell your husband “no” and give him a handjob instead. Cuckold husbands, try going without PIV sex for a month or three and see how hot-blooded you get for your wife.

We can guarantee it will send your pillow talk to the next level.

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