Why Cuckolding & Hotwifing are BDSM fetishes

Want Her to Cheat

Hotwifing is kink inside kink

Cuckold husbands and hotwives already have a “weird” dynamic built around consensual betrayal.

She “cheats” and he “hurts” and they both get off on it.

Our fetish gets a lot of flak for this, but it’s not that different from other forms of BDSM kink that couples enjoy together.

You can even think of cuckolding & hotwifing as a form of BDSM.

Owning your BDSM kinks — bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sado-masochism — will spice up your hotwife & cuckold fantasies, satisfying your lust for a cuckold relationship.

Let’s see how you can pair BDSM with your cuckolding & hotwifing playtime.

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Why your cuckold husband prefers handjobs to intercourse

Woman unzipping her boyfriend's jeans | Handjob & Outercourse

Not all kinds of sex involve putting Tab A into Slot B. There are a lot of reasons a couple might choose to do “other things”.

Rediscovering techniques that every horn-dog teenager knows by age 16 can also be part of your cuckolding or stag-and-vixen lifestyle.

In fact, some cuckold men find new kinds of arousal when denied the chance to make it all the way to home base.

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