Let your bull do things your husband never gets to do

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Hotwives, do you let your boyfriends do things sexually that your cuckold husband doesn’t get to do?

Stag husbands, do you enjoy the idea of your wife experiencing things with another man that she never does with you?

We found this question in a thread over on Reddit. Here’s what we think.

I’ve had plenty of girls that would turn into complete freaks with me and be very vanilla at home with their husbands. It’s part of the fun, being a complete slut for another man.

Why do cuckold couples go for this? What does it involve? How can you try it?

Why go for this if you’re a hotwife or a cuckold couple?

Cuckold men and hotwives find enjoyment in this act for the same reason many cuckold couples find it hot to let the bull dominate their marriage.

This part of the fantasy is a natural outgrowth of the cuck’s fetish for sharing and emasculation. It’s one more piece of the tease and denial angle of this cuckolding fetish. He finds a secret arousal in his wife’s unleashed libido, which he himself doesn’t get to experience.

Oh definitely, she will also only try new things with our bull, never me. It’s part of our fantasy for her to be a sex craved slut that needs to be satisfied by better equipped men.

She’s a very hedonistic person with a high sex drive, and that’s where our bull comes in. And she loves the feeling of denying me

Many cuckolds enjoy thinking about their wives as total sluts, in the best possible sense of the word. Men get off on women who are sexually open and active. There’s no better way to show that off than being another man’s sex-toy.

This comment puts it well:

My wife has a raw sexual lust and passion for her boyfriends that she doesn’t have with me. Part of it is 10+ years of marriage. She treats sex with me like a cute, snuggly time, but she really goes wild with her boyfriends. She needs and wants both, but gets something different from me that the bulls can’t provide and something from the bulls that I can’t provide.

What does it involve?

There’s all different variations. Look at some of these comments on the reddit thread:

I’ve been saying for years that there is at least one thing that your girl won’t do with you that she’ll do with a lover. Like giving him a rockin’ BJ when you can barely convince her on your birthday. Or 69’ing. Each woman is different.

Oral sex with the bull and not with the cuckold husband (unless he’s serving it up to her) is a common theme.

This cuckold gets off on the pain and humiliation:

I was really hurt the first time my wife sucked his cock after it had been in her pussy. She would never do it for me, no matter how much I asked. She also never would swallow or let me cum on her face. She started doing it with me ONLY so she could practice for Him. I loved it. I also asked her if she told him she loved him. After a lot of avoidance she admitted she did. I really get off on the emotional pain and humiliation so it got me very horny.

That’s a little extreme for us, being more ‘hotwife’ oriented around here. We get his point though… thi sis a super-hot kink.

This one hits on an important fact:

Yes this is a very normal progression of cuckold relationships. Her relationship with her bulls are hot, exciting, illicit, temporary, and new. This puts her in a mental state to explore, push boundaries, and be submissive.

In contrast with husbands the relationships are stable, predictable, loving, and comfortable. This puts her in a mental state to do only what she likes and is comfortable with on a night in. You’re gona have a hard time to get her to go raunchy for you, probably not without alcohol.

When she meets her new special stunt-cock, she’s feeling the same new-guy butterflies she felt when you two first got together. Hotwife and bull bottle the energy of that summer-time romance and act it out in the bedroom.

How do you do it?

It might happen organically if you’ve got that kind of relationship going. Some women find themselves so caught up in the intensity of ‘new guy’ feelings that it’s like a refresher to her sex drive. She might find herself spontaneously doing wild, freaky things in bed with her new guy that wouldn’t cross her mind with you.

You can always encourage it as her cuckold husband. Tell her about it during your pillow talk. You are talking, right? Of course you are.

Civilians won’t get this. Cuckold husbands love the fact that she’s getting wild in the sack for another guy, in a way that she won’t at home with him.

What if you want to try it?

Figure out what kinds of things you don’t already do for each other.

Cucks, tell your hotwife that you get hot and bothered knowing she does things for him that she won’t for you.

Cuckoldress, if the mood hits you while you’re getting your extramarital freak on, then go for it. Chances are cuck at home will love it.

There’s stories of younger couples, who haven’t even had sex, finding themselves in a situation where the girl’s first time is with another man… and the cuck boyfriend can’t stop pleasing himself to the idea.

Oral sex, anal sex, using protection (and not), who gets PIV penetration and who doesn’t. You can go all the way here, let her act out 50 Shades of Gray with her special bull while husband doesn’t get anything but the occasional pity handjob.

You don’t have to be that extreme about it though. You could do something as vanilla as telling your husband “no pussy” for a week before your weekend date with your bull. He wants to be denied and he wants you to get frisky, so use it to your advantage.