What’s the best sexual position when your cuckold husband wants to watch you?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

For many men, cuckolding and hotwifing are visual fantasies. He’s imagining his beautiful getting frisky with other dudes in the most graphic, porn-star like ways.

Here’s a few ways for a hotwife to ‘get in position’ to make that scene happen.


Doggy is the most rough and raw position there is.

Girl on all fours while boy mounts her from behind. How can you not love this?

It’s the most animal of all the positions. The bull gets a great view of the hotwife’s ass while his balls bounce off her pussy. The cuck husband gets to watch them rut like wild beasts, his wife grabbing the sheets and moaning in pleasure… no doubt why it’s so popular with cuckolds. The bull owns his cuckoldress wife, and they all know it.

Many women report loving doggystyle for the G-spot stimulation, too.

Girl on top “Cowgirl” position

Science says that this position gives the woman the most control and most freedom to satisfy herself on the man’s erect penis.

This one is good for submissive cucks and femdom relationships that take the power out of the cuckold male’s hands. If your cuckold is on strict pussy denial then you can even tease him this way with a little outercourse ‘pussyjob’, or even sit on his face so he has to please you with his mouth.

It’s quite an intimate position, too, if she’s leaning down close to her bull. The sight of a man’s erect penis sliding inside his wife, with her exposed breasts hanging over his face, is magic.

Not only that, but if you’re watching from across the room, cuck, you get a prime view of the penetration. Imagine that stiff prick disappearing into her love canal while another man’s hands grip her firm ass.

If your dick got hard or panties got wet from reading that, you might have a cuckolding fantasy.

The Missionary position

We took a poll around the WHTC offices and we all came to the a unanimous agreement.

Nothing at all against doggy and cowgirl positions but…

Nothing is hotter than seeing your hotwife on her back with legs spread while your well-endowed bull impales her on his thick rod.

Boring old missionary? You bet. Missionary puts the bull firmly in control of sex. He decides speed, rhythm, and when (or if) he will pull out of your wife if they are having unprotected sex. Your hotwife’s bull is firmly in control of her body and both of you are dominated by him, even if it’s mostly symbolic.

The most important thing is that your cuckold husband can see the act of penetration by another man. He can watch from over her shoulder, or should he prefer a closer view, he can see the bull’s penis vanish inside his wife’s vagina from the rear.

Either way, the intimacy of the act is unavoidable for poor cuck. Which is why he’s got an erection from reading this.

What next

Couples in a ‘hotwife’ relationship should do whatever they feel comfortable with. The whole point is for both of you to enjoy the extra-marital sex, so pick whatever positions the two of you like… and whatever your bull is interested in.

For you real cuckolds who crave the humiliation, wife and bull should get creative. What positions do you never do with your cuck? What positions will make him feel emasculated? Can your bull take you doggystyle at an angle that your cuckold husband’s ‘inadequate member’ could never hit?

Should you make him watch from across the room while you climax riding another man? Maybe you want your bull to plow you good on top and fill you up with an enormous creampie.