Why it’s so hot to let your bull dominate your cuckold marriage

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Cucks with a submissive streak want to be dominated by dominant partners.

But what do they do with the would-be cuckoldress who also has a submissive side?

There’s simple solution to satisfy both of them.

You find a dominant bull that can play the “D” to your “s”.

Cuckold relationships are ideal territory for two people with BDSM fantasies.

Here’s three super-kinky things you can do to give your bull control over your cuckold relationship:

  • Give him priority access to sex
  • Give him control over your sex life
  • Let him decide how she trims her bush

Allow your bull sexual access to your wife whenever he wants

Imagine your bull as the king in charge of your fertile lands.

He gets first dibs on the best crops and the finest livestock.

You get his leftovers.

In this dynamic, your bull dominates both of you.

He gets access to your submissive hotwife whenever he wants.

If he wants sex, all he has to do is text her and she will come at his command. (Pun somewhat intended.)

Your submissive wife gets dominated by the bull.

The cuckold himself is dominated by the fact that his wife is another man’s sex slave.

You can turn up the intensity on this kink by adding a little twist…

Your bull controls when and how (and if) you two have sex

If he’s already dominating her, go all in.

Let your bull set the terms of sex between you.

Whether she’s sexually available to the cuck before her dates with him.

What kind of sexual contact you can have, and when.

Put those decisions in his hands.

A gracious bull may allow the cuck to penetrate his wife once a month.

He might ban cuck from penetration entirely, if he’s feeling less giving.

Maybe cuck isn’t playing by the rules… or bull simply prefers exclusive access to his sub’s vagina. Your cuckold husband could be put on a sexual diet of handjobs only.

Living your sex life by the edicts of the man who is nailing your wife can be quite erotic for the cuckold husband.

Too extreme? You can give your bull more tame forms of control. For example…

Your bull decides how (or if) she trims her bush

Hair-down-there is usually a personal decision for your wife, or maybe between the two of you.

But maybe your bull doesn’t like it the way you like it.

Maybe he’s a fan of hair. Even if she’s normally trim, he might make her grow a full bush.

Maybe he prefers a trim porn-star design with a Brazilian wax. Cuck’s paying, of course.

How excited would you be, cuck, to know that your wife is trimming her pubic hair into a sexy pattern because another man prefers seeing it when he’s having sex with her?

He might also decide that she’s not allowed to go out with panties on.

Won’t that be a nice thought while she’s out in that sundress?

What if you want to try it?

You don’t have to give up full control over your sex life in order to enjoy Dom/sub themes. Many cuckolds wouldn’t go that far.

The real thrill for the cuck is letting another man have this kind of power over his woman. It’s another form of erotic tease and denial for many cuckold men.

Allowing another man — the man who is nailing your wife — to determine when, where, and how you two have sex only enhances the erotic thrill of the cuckold marriage for these couples.

You could leave it at more tame power plays.

Let him control how she dresses, making her wear slutty outfits or go out without panties.

Let him dictate how she keeps her bush trimmed.

Many wives with a submissive streak find this an incredibly erotic kind of play as well.

Even if she isn’t so hot on the ‘cuckold’ angle, she might still find the D/s angle highly arousing.

Thanks to 50 Shades of Gray we know that a large portion of the female population has latent BDSM desires.

Your wife might be one of them. That’s worth keeping in mind, cuck.

Many couples do find that giving the bull wide latitude in controlling their own sex lives enhances the pleasure of a relationship based on female non-monogamy.

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