Every man dreams of a freaky woman in his bedroom

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Ladies: Why does your husband (or boyfriend) want you to get laid?

Fellas: Why are you so riled up fantasizing about your wife (or girlfriend) getting the dick from another dude?

There’s a simple reason. It’s because all men are attracted to sexually-available women. Even if he won’t say it out loud, he’s fascinated by “slutty” women that live with an open and honest sexuality.

I don’t know what it it is, man… when she dresses up like a total slut and gets all that attention from guys when we go it, it’s like a bottled aphrodisiac. Even if she doesn’t do anything with them, it’s such a turn on knowing she could… and that she’s MY girl, you know?

We get that feeling.

Your man’s attraction to hotwifing and being cuckolded, that comes down to the signs she’s broadcasting. She’s signaling that she’s down for the dirty between the sheets. And he’s with that woman who is down for most anything.

That’s a big status bump right there.

He wants you to drop your panties (or not wear them at all) because it gets his fires raging. It isn’t only about status, though.

It sends a signal to the male brain…

If she puts out, she’ll put out for YOU

What bugs men about sexual cheating isn’t always the sex itself. It’s the betrayal of trust, the disrespect, the lack of loyalty, and worrying that he isn’t good enough and you’re going to leave him for the next guy.

If he knew you were just in it for the dick, and it wasn’t a relationship thing, there’s a good chance he’d feel a lot different.

Now what happens when you know she’s available for sex? It means she’ll have sex with HIM.

There’s a reason we all stay fascinated with porn stars, strippers, and escorts, even if polite society keeps them on the margins.

Men are powerfully attracted to porn stars and other sex workers.

Porn stars have husbands, too. Jodi West is married and her husband doesn’t perform on camera.

Maitland Ward turned pro at age 42 after being married for a decade and her husband is down.

Mia Khalifa did porn after a voyeuristic hotwife streak on Reddit.

Men in our hotwife/cuckold world are willing to trade sexual exclusivity for access to an attractive and open sexual woman.

Willing, hell – most of them are happy and enthusiastic about the chance.

Lots of men would love to be married to a wife doing porn.

It’s so arousing for him because sperm competition is real

Men are wired by Mother Nature to compete with other males for reproductive rights.

If Grog’s sperm fertilizes her egg, the Og misses out. It’s a zero-sum game.

Fortunately Ma Nature equipped men with certain strategies to help them out.

One of these is called ‘sperm competition’. If your regular fella thinks you’re getting strange on the side, his own body reacts to that by gearing up for (metaphorical) war.

His hormones change. He shows a stronger interest in her. He even produces more, and different kinds of sperm. There’s even a ‘killer sperm’ meant to search and destroy those of rival males.

Some sexual psychologists believe that sperm competition gets ‘hijacked’ in cuckolding and wife-sharing fantasies. Instead of being overwhelmed by jealousy, cucks take the experience of sperm competition as part of their sexual enjoyment.

Cuckold and hotwife stories get your engine running by tapping into forces of female sexuality

Even reading stories about ‘cheating’ wives can get your sexual desires blazing like a three-alarm fire.

Many couples choose to explore the lifestyle. Some stick, some don’t.

If you’re not ready for that yet, or think you never will be, reading cuckold and hotwife erotica might be exactly what you need.

You get all the vicarious thrills of a sexy, slutty, ultra-desirable hotwife without all the emotional fallout and social stigma of being a cuck married to a slut.

Use it to your advantage

If it works, it works. Why argue with it?

The two of you can enjoy the fantasy, really wind up your man’s sexual desire, by playing out the ‘slutty wife’ character.

It could be as simple as dressing provocatively while you’re out.

Maybe skip the panties today.

Maybe you let that guy at the bar buy you a drink after all.

It’s all signaling to your husband that he’s with a fun girl.

And be honest – you like the attention just a little bit, don’t you?

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