Is his cuckold kink really that strange?

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So many men have the fantasy of being cuckolded by their wives and girlfriends, even if they don’t want to talk about it.

Is it really so out-there for a man to find arousal imagining his wife having sex with other men?

All things considered it isn’t that weird at all. We know that men are biologically wired to get very excited when their women cheat (even if it’s only in his imagination). Modern concepts of sexually-exclusive romance and monogamy are mostly social constructs that depend on old religious values.

Why cuckolding isn’t a strange fantasy for a man

If strange means unusual, then by definition cuckolding and hotwife fantasies aren’t.

Cuckold fantasies of some type — sharing a girlfriend or wife sexually with other men — are consistently ranked in the top 3 male sexual fantasies.

It turns out men are visual and highly promiscuous creatures.

But it’s not just the boys who are down for dirty sharing.

Despite common belief that women are picky about sex, it happens that the ladies have their own motives for being sexually attracted to other men

And not only that… monogamous relationships might actually kill her sex drive.

A hotwife/cuckold relationship might be the one thing that can get her libido raging again, funnily enough.

But the point is…

Both sexes feel the exciting “new love tingle” when they feel attracted to a new potential sexual partner.

They may seem strange to civilian eyes but…

Cuckolding and hotwifing are so abnormal they’ve gone mainstream

What’s deviant is the structure of the monogamous male-female marriage for life. This isn’t how things typically go for human beings.

Affairs happen.

Prostitutes stay in business.

We’re all trying to bang anyone that will take off their pants for us.

Cucks and hotwives are just honest about it, and able to derive pleasure from it.

Believe it or not, wife-sharing fantasies are pretty tame when…

There’s a hidden world of private sexual desires that you wouldn’t believe

Look around a room. More than half of the men and women you see have nasty, dirty, outrageous sexual desires and you’d never know it.

You’re constantly surrounded by freaks, weirdos, sadists, masochists, subs, deviants, and a motley assortment of the kinkiest animals that have ever walked the earth.

What do most of them have in common? They keep it a secret.

Let’s face it, having a dirty secret that the two of you share is pretty sexy, isn’t it? It’s all part of the fun knowing that you’ve got to keep it down low. That’s just like sex, isn’t it? The two of you find a private area, take off your clothes, and enjoy your bodies.

Now you’re just bringing an extra guy or five into that arrangement. It’s so dirty you can’t help but get off on the image.

Cuckolding and hotwifing add an extra layer of energy to the secret world of our private sex lives. If everybody knew, it wouldn’t be half the fun to let her share.

A cuckold couple can cuddle in the dark by the fire, sipping a glass of red wine, while she grabs his cock and tells him about the guy who had his way with her. He can feel her excitement and live vicariously through her pleasures.

They can take a special thrill in knowing that, besides the bull who enjoyed her body, only they know.

For cuckold couples, this is another form of sexual intimacy that both of them can enjoy.

What can you do now that you know your cuckold fantasy isn’t all that weird?

Your husband is a cuckold.

And it’s just not that strange that your loving husband gets his kicks by fantasizing about you with another man.

As far as human sexuality goes, it’s pretty normal, and it’s even pretty tame compared to many of the freaky fetishes and kinks out there.

Own it and enjoy it!

If it’s not something you’re ready or willing to try, that’s fine. There should never be any pressure to do anything you’re not both comfortable with.

And if you are ready and willing, then stay safe and have fun! It’s your relationship, your bodies, and your pleasures… enjoy them at your leisure.