My husband told me that we weren’t having sex anymore

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Want Her to Cheat

Warning: 18+ only. Very sexy NSFW content!

Why he wanted me to keep him celibate.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from James, my own husband.

He didn’t come out and say, “I don’t want to have sex with you anymore”, but what else could I think?

“I still want to be intimate with you,” James told me. “I feel like intercourse leaves me drained and empty. I feel depressed after I cum.”

“Thanks a lot,” I told him. He really knows how to tell a girl what she wants to hear.

“It’s not you. I love you, I love your body. You know that right?”

I guess I did, but right then it didn’t feel like it.

James went on to tell me about how the male orgasm uses up a lot of energy and he wanted me to help him conserve it. “There’s monks in Asia that haven’t had an orgasm in decades,” he told me. “They conserve their sexual energy and focus it on their work.”

“So, what are we going to do? Not have sex anymore?”

“We can fool around some, I guess, but I can’t be tempted to go inside you or have an orgasm.”

You hear all these stories about sexless marriages where it’s the wife that loses interest. That sounded like a sick joke to me, listening to my own husband tell me he didn’t want to fuck me anymore.

A few days went by and I had more time to think about it.

If I was being honest, our sex life wasn’t very good. We had that initial spark of lust that all new couples have, but that faded away as it always does. What we had left was okay. But just okay.

James’ shocking admission made me think back to Tucker, the guy I was sleeping with right before we met back in college. For a few weeks after James and I met, before we got serious-serious, I was still sleeping with Tucker.

James never found out as far as I know. That’s for the best. I love James, but he never fucked me the way Tucker could. He tried his best, but Tucker’s dick was twice the girth. I almost climaxed every time he put it inside me.

I couldn’t tell James any of this, of course.

But what did it matter now? It didn’t sound like he cared very much about what went on in our bedroom.

And I guess that after almost 7 years of marriage, I wasn’t all that bothered by it. Maybe married people aren’t supposed to have exciting sex lives.

Or so I thought, until James turned it up to a new level.

“I know it’s not fair to you to make you go without sex,” he told me as he nibbled on my right ear lobe.

“It didn’t take you long to have a change of heart,” I told him.

We were having a rare make-out session on the couch after a few glasses of wine.

“I haven’t changed my mind.”

I froze when I understood what he meant, pushing his hands away from my body.

“What are you saying?”

He sat up, looked me in the eye, and said it without a blink.

“You can get sex from other guys. I mean, if you want it. If you want to have sex.”

I felt dizzy.

I must have gone quiet for awhile.

“Hey? You okay?” Next thing I remember, James stared at me with those big eyes of his.

“I’m not sure I understand you. You… want me to cheat on you?”

He sighed, fell back on to the couch.

“It isn’t cheating if I give you permission, is it?” His voice was barely above a whisper, quivering.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Look, I know I’m not exactly rocking your world in bed. Now that I’m trying out celibacy, I know it’s not fair for you. So I’m saying that if you want to hook up with another guy, I understand. You can do it and I’m okay with that.”

I knew I wasn’t getting the whole story. This couldn’t be right.

“James what is going on here? I’m so confused by all this.”

He stared out into the room for a long time, collecting his thoughts.

“Are you happy? I mean, with our sex life? Because… if I’m honest… and you’ll think this is weird but… I’m finding that I don’t get much out of straight fucking, the way I used to.”

“My body doesn’t feel good to you anymore?”

He laughs a small laugh. “No, that’s the thing. You feel as amazing as ever. Your pussy is spectacular, babe. It’s not about that. It’s how I feel after.

“I don’t last very long, I know that… and after I cum, I feel cold and empty.”

I had no idea he felt like this. I always thought that men were endlessly horny and always looking for the next hole.

“That’s why you don’t want sex anymore.”

“I do want sex. I feel like it’s best if we save it up for special occasions.”

“And you want me to fuck other guys in between, is that right?”

“I’m not saying I want it. I’m saying that if you feel like this is unfair, and you see a guy that gets you excited, well…” He shrugs a “so what?” gesture.

I took a large sip of wine from the glass left on the table. “So let me get this straight. You want me to ban you from fucking me, and fuck other guys instead.”

“I guess it sounds pretty weird, but… well, yeah…”



“Okay, you’ve got a deal. You won’t be getting any pussy for a long time. And if I see a guy I like, he can get it instead of you.”

I don’t know why I agreed to it that easily. Maybe it was the wine talking. Maybe it was pent-up frustration. Maybe I really am a secret slut.

Right in that moment, I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about dating other men. Truth is, even though the sex was lackluster, I loved James and I enjoyed our intimacy.

He was asking for major changes.

I guess most of all, I wanted to make him live with the consequences.

If he wants me to deny him sex and fuck other guys, let’s see how he handles it when it really happens.

James cozied up next to me and leaned in for a kiss. I returned it, feeling my anger melt into surprising passion.

Could this be real? We’re officially a celibate couple, and I guess an open marriage, and I wanted him so badly right then.

I reached down to his pants and felt the steel-hard bulge there.

“Uh… you sure you can go without sex?”

“It’s more exciting for me to think about you giving it up to other men.”

“Is that what this is all about?” I could barely say it as James kissed slowly down my neck.

I noticed that he moved my hand away from his crotch. “I won’t cum, but you can,” he said as he made his way down my body, under my dress.

His tongue skills were exemplary.

Okay, maybe I could live with this arrangement after all.

My husband was about to be pussy free. And I was about to start dating.

What a sexy start to a beautiful hotwife relationship. We’ll have to come back for part 2 to see how this lovely new cuckold chastity couple is doing.

Male chastity, tease and denial, pussy-free sex life, and handjobs-only are a preferred strategy for many cuckold couples.

Cuckolds like James find it more satisfying than 30 seconds of limp-dick intercourse, and their cuckoldress wives are ecstatic at the opportunity to be fucked good, long, and hard by men of more ample dimensions.

Be careful what you wish for, James!

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