Reclaiming your hotwife after she has sex

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A cuckold couple

Cuckolds, do you feel a strong urge to have sex with your wife after she’s been with another guy?

Lots of men report having the urge to make intense love to their wives after she’s been out on a date.

Some guys even describe it as an urgent, primal lust.

Like a rutting animal.

No wonder the hotwife experience is so erotic for these men.

Ours is a sort of daddy/babygirl, stag/vixen dynamic where I “own” her pussy and we whore it out occasionally which gets her super turned on and then afterward I “reclaim” it, make it mine all over again, fill her with my cum, etc… A lot of people dont get it at all and that’s fine. Nobody else needs to.

Found on reddit’s r/Swingers

Another guy has ‘taken’ her pussy and it’s now his job to take it back.

That’s dirty as can be, and so very very sexy.

Men are wired to have sex with their female partners if they suspect infidelity

The phenomenon called ‘sperm competition’ actually changes a man’s body if he has reason to think his mate has been sexually involved with other men.

Studies have shown that male sexual desire increases, as does the amount and quality of his sperm.

There’s good reasons for thinking that cuckold fantasies develop in men when these sperm competition hacks go into overdrive.

He’s getting off on his hotwife’s sex life because the evolutionary wiring meant to help his sperm reproduce sends his body and mind into sexual bliss.

The easiest way to do this is to jump in the sack for playtime as soon as she’s finished with her bull

Whether your cuckold husband is watching it happen or watching the clock waiting for your text message, he’s getting worked up.

He knows that your pussy should be for his exclusive use – and you aren’t allowing him to own you and your sexuality, are you?

No way. Make cuck wait.

He’s going to be mad with lust and ready to be inside you.

Should you call it ‘reclaiming’?

Some comments over at reddit’s r/Swingers board don’t think so.

Oooof. I hate the term reclaiming. It makes it sound like there is an ownership involved. I’m sure that’s not the intent, but thats just how it sounds and it kinda rubs me the wrong way.

Reclaiming or reconnecting sound to me like you belong to someone or that your were no longer connected at some point.

Maybe reconnecting is the better word to use. But the context is important.

Assuming your cuckold has PIV penetration privileges, he’s going to be at full attention and ready to get back in there to ‘take you back’.

There’s a certain possessiveness involved in the sex act… unless you’re doing the kinkiest porn shoots, there’s only one penis going to fit inside a vagina at a time.

Penis-in-Vagina copulation is an exclusive act. If your bull’s in there, the cuckold husband isn’t.

The possessiveness that comes from being denied is part of the male fantasy, and it’s probably harmless. The cuckold gets off on knowing another man is ‘taking’ what’s ‘his’.

But a couple that wants to stay together should think beyond that level. It should be about an emotional re-connection as much as the physical act.

We say, why not both?

What if you want to try it?

You can do this one with straight role-play. Ladies, have a drink with your friends after work and send him a suggestive text message.

Add a heart-melting, dick-hardening picture to the text to double his pleasure. It could be as harmless as you sitting next to another guy.

Or you could use your imagination and cook up something really naughty…

Talk dirty about other guys while you’re fooling around. This one works well while he’s going down on you. Remind him of all the guys that your pussy has pleased.

If he’s into the humiliation and small-penis angle, remind him that your last boyfriend was much thicker and far more satisfying than your cuckold.

You can even do that one while he’s inside you. Remind him that the pussy he’s in doesn’t belong to him. He’s got to earn it.

If you have an active cuckold lifestyle, all of these tricks work. The main difference is that you’re actually sharing, so he knows you aren’t just fooling around with pillow talk.

It’s also extra important that you two get back together and couple for your own sake, to reconnect with one another at the emotional level (which isn’t as important if you’re only roleplaying it).

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