Sex is Weird

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Want her to cheat | Cuckold & Hotwife Erotica

Cuckolding and wife sharing seem provocative to many, in the best and worst ways. But these kinks don’t begin to scratch the surface.

In the animal kingdom, sex secures procreation. Humans are animals. Therefore humans mate for procreation. Seamless logic. It would be perfect if it weren’t for all the many and weird ways that human animals get themselves off.

Even the panoply of LGBT+ sexual identities gives you the merest glimpse of human sexuality.

We eroticize strange objects.

We derive physical pleasure from artwork and ideas.

We confuse emotion and physical arousal.

We hurt ourselves to feel good. [[Why cuckolding hurts so good]]

You could call it ‘all screwed up’, except there’s no normal-sized ruler you can use to make that call. You can’t call a pipe bent if you don’t know what’s straight.

(Pun somewhat intended.)

A recent thread on Reddit’s r/cuckold section shows how dense and confusing even the wife-sharing, cuckolding, hotwifing, Stag-and-Vixen scene can be.

I’m single. And essentially I have been getting my dates and FWBs
to cuck me, sometimes on or before the first date.

And I have some kind of twisted dominant side where I try to turn
them out and turn them good girls into BBC sluts or size queens.

I’ve coined myself the “First Date Cuckold” and made it
a challenge to get the most out of a first encounter. Even if
it’s just having girls tell me about their current FWBs, exes,
kinks etc.

This looks weird, doesn’t it?

He’s dating women so they’ll cheat on him from the first date. It’s madness which makes complete sense, if you’re looking at it from the cuckold’s point of view.

He gets his thrills from meeting girls for dates, and then getting them to get with (or think about getting with) other guys.

It’s crazy, it’s strange, it’s weird, and it’s sexy as hell in this writer’s lusty opinion.

It gets even weirder. He talks about taking this a step further by setting up his FWBs with dates of their own, and then getting ‘first crack’ before they go out for sex.

He’s cucking other guys to get cucked himself.

We once knew a man who found himself sexually attracted to a female friend while in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend.

His friend dated, off and on, though she told him she didn’t believe she’d ever settle down.

There’s a twist. While he dreamed of sex with her, he found the most intense thrills while imagining her telling him about her dates with other men.

He wanted her to ‘friend cuck’ him. Date, tell him the dirty details, but never let him have her pussy.

What we told him:

There’s a fine line between what the cuckold wants, which is a strange form of sex but still sex, and the Friend Zone.

When you encourage a woman to tell you about her dates, what she hears is that she can dump all her emotional troubles on you. You are her friend, and she’s not even thinking about getting in your pants.

If you’re thinking she’s going to give you a handjob while telling you about her last lay… well, she might, but that won’t be the automatic response unless you’ve laid that ground in advance.

The cuck still wants a sexual relationship. Most civilian women, unless they’ve got a closeted kinky side, have to be in a relationship before that’s on the cards.

That’s the catch-22.

Then you have the story of the cuckold salivating at the thought of his wife getting strange dick on their wedding night.

His fiancee knew all about his cuckold kink, fortunately. He told her about it on a dirty phone call while they were apart early on when they began dating.

She found herself a little surprised that a man would think that way, but it wasn’t a put off for her.

“I think it was a weird that a man would want that, but it didn’t
offend me or anything. It felt like he trusted me. And yeah
I guess it was kind of sexy, too,” she admitted.

They didn’t end up going through with it, but it was a big part of the foreplay leading up to the wedding.

“He’d tease me, like, I want you to do a guy the night before the
wedding since it’s your last chance. I was getting pretty into

That last week he was pleasuring himself to thoughts of her getting served by another man while still in her wedding dress.

“I went down on her after the ceremony before she even got out of the dress,” he told us. “We wanted our first married fuck to happen in the dress, but while I had my tongue on her all I could think was warming her up for another man while I got to watch.”

“I don’t know if I’d really have done it,” she added. “It’s hot to think about but for real? I don’t know.”

Those three stories are all all counter-intuitive to civilians who only know monogamous sex.

They go to show you how circuits fire, though, and how men can get a sexual thrill from almost anything — even from being denied sex while other men please their women.

That’s how men think. That’s how men get into this fantasy. It’s the thrill of raw lust.

If you ever get confused about how men and women get into this, there’s your answer.

Sex is weird.