This is where he came

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Want Her to Cheat

Sighted in a thread on Reddit’s r/CuckoldPregnancy (NSFW!) a few days ago.

A man posts a screenshot of a text. Close-up of his wife’s white lace panties with the following caption:

This is where he came. I want to keep his cum in me until you come home.

Yowza. That’ll get your loins raging.

That guy spent the rest of the day with a hard-on knowing that another man’s sperm camped out inside his wife.

Bet the sex they had that night was the best in awhile.

When couples play like that, you can’t help but wonder how the guy feels. It’s a sexual rush for sure, but there’s a downside even for the cuckold and stag male.

Finishing inside a woman is as intimate as it gets. Even the bull she’s getting with might start to feel the tug of the old heart-strings. Not to mention his wife getting his seed inside her on the regular.

You play with pregnancy, you’re playing with Mother Nature, and she doesn’t care too much about your sex games — or your marriage. Evolution left us with pair-bonding instincts for a reason. Cuckolds learn to hack these machines for fun and orgasms, but Mother Nature only cares about babies.

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Even with birth control, you’re still playing with emotional explosives, cucks. That’s why it’s so erotic to cuckold couples. It’s also the greatest source of risk.

Stay safe out there.

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