A reader’s tale about his wish come true

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A cuckold couple

A letter from a reader about his cuckold story:

Dear Ms. Blaze,

Lisa, my wife, came from a traditional, very conservative, east Asian family. She’s almost a stereotype of the quiet, even shy to the point of deferential Asian girl.

Lisa enjoyed sex, she told me, but I suspected she didn’t really get into it based on our infrequent and unsatisfying performances.

What I didn’t suspect was the hidden wild-streak simmering beneath the quiet surface, her urge to be submissive to a dominant partner.

Besides Lisa’s guilty little secret, I’ve had a “cuckold” fantasy ever since college, always imagining my girlfriends getting plowed by other guys hanging around at school, which made it hard for us to be honest about our sexual needs.

Which was a real shame, looking back, since Lisa’s sub needs and my wish for her to cuckold me were a perfect fit.

We spent all that time unhappy and all it took was the right trigger.

That spark came in the shape of Brenda, Lisa’s tall and buxom co-worker. Brenda’s a nice looking woman, not the kind that would stand out in a room, but she’s got a dirty side that will get any man’s blood boiling with lust.

We didn’t know it when they first started working together, but Brenda’s secret would change our sex lives, and our marriage, forever.

Brenda dropped it in her lap, Lisa told me later, when she opened up about a trip to the “dungeon” over drinks one evening after work.

“She likes to tie Dylan up in a chair and make him watch,” Lisa told me afterward.

You’re always interested in what other people do in bed, even if you’re not interested, you know?

But this tale had a more direct bonus, since Lisa couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“I want you to watch me,” she told me one night, as I opened up her red blouse and kissed my way down her slender body.

“Watch another man dominate me.”

She knew my secret, knew I couldn’t argue with that.

Now she’s set her mind to submitting… just not to me.

But I get to watch.

Great story! It sounds like you and Lisa have a lot of fun in your futures…