Cuckold sexual fantasies for couples who don’t want to be ashamed of being a man

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

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Most porn and erotica for cuckolds just isn’t any good.

It’s worse than that. It just sucks.

If you aren’t a gay or bisexual man.

If you aren’t ready to have your self-esteem trashed.

If you don’t get off on being humiliated, emasculated, or getting Friend Zoned by your own wife while she takes up with another man.

If you’re more interested in the erotic thrill of watching your woman in ecstasy than having your own ego shattered, or looking at pics of men in women’s panties.

What do you do if you aren’t gay, aren’t interested in being humiliated, and don’t want to ruin your relationship for a sexual kink?

Want Her to Cheat is spicy erotica for couples that want to push their sexual boundaries without demeaning the guy, challenging his sexual orientation or risking their relationships with lies and disrespect.

This is cuckold erotica for men who love the female body and love to watch it in action.

Want to watch your woman get down and dirty… or hear her tell you all about it to some slow action after she gets home? That’s more our speed.

Nothing humiliating about it. Just freaks getting freaky.