Hotwife Tip: Encourage her to masturbate while thinking about her man-crush

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

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Men, you know it can be hard to even bring up your fantasy with your wife, much less get her to play along. Ladies, we know it’s weird when hubby tells you he gets his rocks off thinking about you getting yours off with another guy.

What can you do about it?

Encourage her to fantasize during her ‘private time’. Here’s why.

  • She can do it with privacy and discretion
  • You’re warming her up to uncomfortable thoughts
  • You’re encouraging her to play in your world without risk

She needs privacy to feel safe about your fantasy

The truth is that women experience sex in different ways than men do. Women like sex, love sex, but they don’t think about sex the way men do.

As odd as it sounds to the male mind, sexual attraction for women isn’t naturally ‘promiscuous’. She doesn’t like the idea of having a lot of different men. She wants to focus on one great guy. That’s the source of the pleasure and pain of the cuckold marriage. If she’s opened herself to fuck him, part of her is opened to real feelings for him.

That’s a risk for her as sure as it is for you, stag boy.

Add to that all the social pressure that women feel to show a monogamous face, and you’ve got a recipe for a very kinky girl who feels extreme guilt for her desires, even in the privacy of her own mind.

Thoughts of cuckolding and hotwife play don’t come automatically for most women.

She wants to be a Good Girl, and Good Girls have a low Number. The less penises that have been inside her vagina, the better Good Girl she is.

You can understand that it might take her awhile to warm up to the fact that you want other men to have sex with her

Besides whatever her physical desires may be, the social stigma alone is enough to crush her interest.

If she’s allowed to play in her mind, while she’s pleasing herself, that removes the risk.

She might already be doing this, fellas. You can be she wouldn’t tell you about it. Why would she? If she thinks you’re a vanilla guy, she knows your response. You’ll get jealous and mad, or worse.

Even knowing about your cuck-kink won’t be enough. This stuff isn’t intuitive for girls. You have to tell her. Tell her that you want her to imagine that muscled-up 23 year old she saw at the gym next time she flicks the bean.

Tell her how much it arouses you. She has to trust that you aren’t running a con on her, guys, so it might take awhile to build that trust. Don’t be a pest, but make it clear that you REALLY LIKE IT when she touches her self and orgasms while mentally getting with another guy.

You have to encourage her because this cuckold fantasy of yours breaks all the rules. It goes against everything that masculine culture tells men about their sexual desires.

Encourage her to get intimate with these Bad Girl thoughts and you’ve brought her into your world

The best part of this is that you’re showing her your world . She’s experiencing first hand (so to speak) what you want her to do. Without bringing in another person. Without the shame of being found out. In the safety and comfort of her own bed.

She may not like it. Cuckolding, hotwifing, and other forms of female non-monogamy aren’t for everyone. Even if you’ve told yourself that it’s a woman’s dream — a stable loving relationship that offers her the men of her choice — you have to understand it’s just not arousing for some people.

Even if she gets frisky in her imagination, it may never go beyond that.

But if it does, you can bet it’s going to start in her mind.

Once she experiences the thrill of “getting it on” with another guy — even in her head — and sees that this really does get your gas-jets blazing, you’re one step closer to bringing your cuckold fantasy into your sex life.

Are you wondering if you can handle it?

Here’s the test:

Imagine that your wife, fiance, or girlfriend has her hands down her pants, furiously rubbing herself to orgasm, while thinking of the alpha stud she saw at her gym.

Civilians, if you made it here, you won’t understand this. Civilians would feel hurt, confused, and possibly angry that we’d even suggest such an evil.

The cucks and stags reading this now have an erection.

If that’s you, and you’re wondering how to bring up your weird kink fetish to your special lady, then keep this tool handy.