Michelle wants Jacob while Tim watches

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NSFW warning (if you need it)

Michelle hadn’t seen Jacob in almost 4 years, since they graduated high school and she moved away for college.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Jacob said, that heart-melting smile of his making her insides dance all over again when they ran into each other down at the supermarket.

When she got back and told Tim about it while they made dinner, she couldn’t believe his reaction.

“I saw Jacob today, at the store. Pretty sure he still wants this,” she says, slapping her firm ass.

“Oh, your guy from high school?”

“That bother you?”

“No,” he said without much conviction.

“Maybe I’ll fuck him then,” she said before she could catch herself.

“Maybe you should,” Tim said, finishing his wine, then heading off to the bedroom without another word.

After a tense and silent dinner, Michelle crawled into bed wearing nothing but those low-cut blue panties he likes and a t-shirt.

“Baby,” she whispers, running a hand down his front, into his boxers. “You know I wasn’t serious.”

She feels his cock twitch and stiffen in her hand. She strokes him slowly, hearing his breathing quicken.

“Maybe you should be,” he says.

She doesn’t quite know what to say to that, so she improvises, feeling his erection turn into a rock in her hands.

“You want me to invite him over?”

He nods.

“You’re serious?”

“Why not? You want to do it…”

“Babe I’m happy with you.”

He goes quiet, eyes shut, relaxing as she continues pleasing him.

“But I want you to do it,” he says, breaking the spell over them.

“You want me to have sex with Jacob?” she asks.

“Oh God…” he moans, his cock throbbing in orgasm as he unloads all over his stomach.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. God, you aren’t joking are you?”

His grin covers his face as he relaxes into the bed, arms behind his head.

“You think about this a lot?”

“No. Well not really. I mean, I’ve wondered what it would be like to watch you fuck another guy.”

Wow. “I had no idea…”

Her mind spun with the revelation. They’d been together for over 3 years now and never knew this about the man she planned to marry.

My fiancee wants to watch me fuck another guy.

She just about had her own orgasm.

“Let’s talk about this more,” she says, pulling off the blue panties Tim loves.

A few nights later, making dinner again, she told him.

“I called Jacob. He’s coming over.”

She imagine that smile of his, and her insides danced like puppets.

Tim took her in his arms and kissed her. She felt his solid body, the rough brush of his face, smelled his aftershave. She wanted him. She loved him.

But she was going to fuck Jacob, lovely, irresistible Jacob.

Tim was going to watch. She couldn’t believe his reaction.

Many men find themselves in Tim’s situation now. Having a sexually open, slutty wife is a sinful pleasure that more men are learning to enjoy…