Their second time wasn’t so fun (for him)

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Want Her to Cheat

Warning: 18+ only. Very sexy NSFW content!

She first cuckolded him several months ago. They both had a good time then. Now, something else is happening with her new bull… and cuckold may not be so happy about that…

The alarm goes off and James is up out of bed, yawning.

Carol wakes up next to him, looking distant. She’s looking tasty in nothing but panties and a low-cut t-shirt. He loves looking at her body.

He feels a sudden urge for sex, which he tamps down. He knows it can’t happen. No point getting his hopes — or anything else — up.

It’s cold this morning.

James feels anxious about something he can’t remember.

They’re in the bedroom, in and out of the bathroom, getting ready to start the day.

Tonight’s the big night.

Carol’s unusually quiet. Distant, even.

“You okay?” he asks. She’s walking by him to grab a shirt off the bed.


She doesn’t sound fine.

“Are you sure everything is okay?”

She stops, smiles at him. She’s in his lap. Arms around his neck. A kiss — on the cheek. “Everything’s great, baby.”

“Did you know we haven’t had sex in over a month?” he asks her.

“Yeah. We should fix that soon.” She kisses him, then she’s gone, back to routine.

It was abstinence by design, of course.

Ever since they had their first ‘hotwife’ experience six weeks ago.

Carol didn’t even want to do it. She was happy with James, with her monogamous sex life.

She only did it because she felt how much he wanted it. How much it excited him.

After they did it, she changed.

“Let’s plan for tomorrow night.” End of the week, clear schedules for both of them. And of course, the other thing out of the way.

“Oh, honey. It’s such a bad time.”

James knows how this works.

It will go like last time.

She gets laid. She’s sore and, though she won’t say it, he suspects she’s no longer satisfied by sex with him.

“How about this. You’ve got your date. I’m okay with that, we agreed to it. But you’ve got wifely duties too.”

“Like what?” she asks, skeptically.

“I want a picture. Send me graphic penetration.”

She smiles, her eyes looking uncertain. “Okay. That’s easy to do.”



“I want a blowjob when you get home. We don’t have to have sex if you’re too tired but I want that much.”

“A blowjob is more work than sex!” she says, playing the game with him.

“Then use your hand. Or we can just have sex, if that’s easier for you.”

She thinks about it. “I’m going to be a mess when I get back…”

“I don’t mind. It might make it better for me.”

“Really?” She doesn’t believe him.

“Really. It’s physical proof. I don’t know what it is but it makes it… intense for me, when you’re in that condition.”

“You mean after I’ve been fucked good.”

When she says it that way, he sees her, really sees her, standing there. In those tiny panties and a t-shirt, her female curves calling to him, talking like a filthy escort. It hits him that he’s created a monster.

Or let one out of its cage.

He’s stiff as an iron rail.

“Yeah. That.”

She sighs a mock sigh. “Well I guess, if you insist. A girl can’t fuck just one guy around here, can she?”

“I won’t have it,” he says.

“You’re lucky you still get any at all. He might just decide to cut you off.”

They’ve talked about chastity before. Denying him sexual access so that she can be with her lover exclusively.

They both think it’s hot.

For James it’s a new, more emasculating level. He’s told her before: the idea leaves him hurt, confused, and terribly aroused.

“Do you want that? Do you want to stop having sex with me while you’re… with him?”

“No baby. I enjoy sex with you. It’s more intimate and emotional. With him it’s just… fucking.”

“With his cock that is much bigger than mine.”

Her face turns red. “He is pretty big down there.”

“Does it feel that much better?”

“I don’t know how to describe it. He’s forceful. It creates a deeper feeling when he goes inside.”

“You cum with him don’t you.” It’s not a question.


It hangs in the air like a grating noise.

“Baby listen, it’s just fucking with him. You said it yourself, remember? I fuck him, but I love you. We can have sex after if you want to.”

By now Carol’s done getting ready. Cherry-red lipstick and faint eye shadow.

She pressed close to him. She feels energized, like touching a live wire.

Her mouth near his. He can feel her breath on him. She smells of cinnamon and vanilla. His erection bulges in his pants, first pressing into her body, then in her hand.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

I guess it is, James thinks.