The look on a new hotwife’s face

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“You want to share me with other guys? That’s so hot!”

“Of course I’ll do it! It’s so kinky!”

That’s what every cuckold wants to hear.

Every man who ever fantasized about giving his girl permission to get laid by someone else wants to see that look on her face.

You know the one.

Shocked, but curious.

You blindsided her by telling her about your “thing”. A woman in a relationship doesn’t expect the man in her life to be down with her getting new dick on the side.

But she’s fascinated. She’s even a little bit flattered.

And of course her naughty side is tingling.

There is that cute guy at work, the gym, at the supermarket…

Why wouldn’t she be interested? It’s a dream bargain for a woman.

She can enjoy the hot sexy men in her life. She can come home to a loving, faithful husband (who also enjoys her with the hot sexy men in her life).

Her look of surprise might not be a “no”. It might be a “wow!”

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