A hotwife couple’s most special day, in more ways than one

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You’re supposed to be making vows to each other promising to stay faithful.

That works. I mean, you’re only being unfaithful in that one, super-kinky way that you both like, right?

If hotwifing is about shredding taboos against non-monogamy in a committed marriage, having a “cuckold wedding” is doesn’t leave much else to shred.

Bizarre? Outrageous? To be sure.

But the new cuckold husband finds nothing more erotic than the idea of watching his new bride taken by another man… before he can consummate his new marriage.

To really up the ante, arrange it so that she’s walking down the aisle with her lover’s creampie still inside her.

How can “cheating sex” on your own wedding day/night be a source of erotic stimulation to a man? This most important moment of intimacy as a committed couple and you’re sharing it with a third wheel?

That’s the point. Strange as it is to “civilians” on the outside, for the cuckold groom the sexual power is in the sharing of his beautiful bride.

His woman has mated with another man. That sends his passions raging.

His new wife understands that the emotional intimacy of their marriage won’t put limits on her options for physical intimacy with other lovers. It sets a precedent, that their new bond of love won’t hold her back from erotic pleasures.

If this idea thrills and delights you, then enjoy yourselves. Once you’ve made a commitment to each other, you are free to share your bodies for your mutual pleasure.

Nothing celebrates your love like living your deepest sexual fantasies.

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