A hotwife gives when she receives

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Not like that. Okay, yeah, like that. But not just like that.

I’m talking about emotional love, not just The D.

If you’ve been around the hotwife and cuckolding scene for any amount of time you know all about the emotional angle.

Sharing your wife… or sharing your body if you ARE the wife… isn’t really about sex.

Yes, fucking other people is important, that’s why it’s so arousing and risky.

But the sex isn’t the point.

This whole fantasy falls apart if you aren’t in a committed, loving, loyal, monogamous relationship. Otherwise it’s just two people fucking different people and hanging out sometimes.

The emotions and the relationship issues mean that you’re likely to frame your unquenchable thirst for hotwifing as giving to your partner.

He gives her the gift of sexual freedom.

She gives him the voyeuristic satisfaction of watching her fuck other men.

That’s great, but it’s only the start.

For men with the cuck-itch, getting a gift is only the beginning. There’s a darker side to cuckolding that we have to talk about. He wants to be frustrated, jealous, envious, shamed, angsty, and maybe even a little angry.

It’s like adding jalapenos to your salsa. The peppers add heat… right up to the edge of pain… that take that good salsa into the next dimension.

The ‘negative emotions’ are part of the excitement. That’s the masochistic paradox of all these wife-sharing fantasies.

To give to him, you must take from him.

Take away your affections, and, yeah, take away the pussy. (Even if it’s just for a few hours while out on a date.)

And it gets even more complicated.

Hotwives, like most women, need to feel desired. But too much desire from one man can turn her off. It’s that classic trap that men fall for: If I do anything she says, she’s going to love me!

How’s that work out for you?

Too much giving can make the receiver feel like crap. Man or woman.

There’s a lot of lessons you can take from this pithy article, cuck and hotwife.

One, if you chase after her, you’re probably going to push her away. And I don’t just mean from your hotwife fantasy.

Two, if you’re always giving, the partner on the receiving end will take your gifts for granted. This can make your cuckold fantasy sound insincere to female ears, men.

Ladies… if you’re bouncing from bed to bed hoping to get your man’s attention, you might be making a tactical mistake. (If you just like to fuck that’s okay too.)

Three, if you want to convince your wife or girlfriend to fuck another man, you need to brainstorm strategies that don’t involve chasing her or showering her with loving attention.

You need to think about ways to get her to come to you, instead of begging her to humiliate you by cheating.

Use this wisdom wisely, non-mongamous kindred.

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